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August 30th 2012
Published: August 31st 2012
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Well I’m sitting in seat 4A, yep all the analysis paid off. The flight was full but I was at the head of the list using my new buddy passes.

We pulled away from our gate and started taxiing toward the runway, the plane promptly stopped. After about 10 minutes the pilot came on the intercom and announce we’re waiting because an Air Bus A380 broke down on the runway and we have to wait because it’s so large and it’s being towed back to the terminal. LOL

We’re finally airborne, the flight attendant Iris and her team were very nice and it was a smooth flight. About 1 hour in to the flight the pilot came on the intercom and was explaining all the flight stuff where we’re going, how high, bla, bla. But then he said he was kicking it into high gear and we would be landing early, 1 hour early.

I guess the air police were off last night.

I had a great meal and was asleep as soon as the lights went out.

What, wake up I have breakfast for you Mr Voghan, what oh yea. Breakfast was great and we landed around 6 AM.

Everyone must have needed to go to the bathroom; it was a stampede getting off the plane.

As I was standing in customs looking around and Kirsten was nowhere, it was just me. Hmmmmm, NEXT Pleaze, Vhy are yous hera Helga was looking at me from the glass booth. I froze, Uh I’m here on vacation, VHAT, I’m here on vacation. You Americans speak funny, as she fingers through my passport, after staring me down she pulls out her Hugh stamp and hammers my passport. Man that must have hurt.

I finally get to the car rental counter and Helga’s sister is behind the counter waiting, she promptly scolds me for being earlier, VHAT, yous are early, I vill allow it dis time but not again.

Ok, it must be the night shift wanting to leave and I showed up.

I get to the car and as I’m climbing into my normal navigator seat I quickly realize Kirsten isn’t here. What, I have to drive and navigate. I'm finially pull out of the airport parking, after stalling the car multiple times just like Kirsten always does. Next buy a rental car that I've driven in europe.

I’m head up the E4 with my map spread over the in the passenger seat and me trying to shift gears I finally make it Maria and James beautiful village of Wangan.

Lori I told Maria that you and Sam are coming to Oktoberfest, they would love for you to come and visit with them.

Maria is finishing making dinner and it smells delicious and I’m exhausted.

I’ll be picking up Kirsten and Bea in the morning and the adventure begins.

Did I mention it’s raining in Germany.

Oh Yea, no pictures yet Kirsten has the camera.


31st August 2012

So Cool!
I love visiting Europe vicariously through your Blogs!!!

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