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October 24th 2007
Published: November 18th 2007
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John Lennons Apartment NYCJohn Lennons Apartment NYCJohn Lennons Apartment NYC

This is the appartment he was heading to when he was murdered.

Day 3 & 4 in New York

Today doing uptown Manhatton. Weather totally shit and very cold!

First point of call Central park. On route saw the building / appartment where John Lennon lived and was shot outside. Couldnt believe the size of central park and how nice it was and how a park like this could be slap bang in the middle of a giant built up city like this.....its just wrong!!!!!

Got lost a few times in central park but eventually popped out outside the National History Museum (one of my things to do list). Inside the museum it was huge but toially manic full of toursist, students, and asians running around snapping every inch of every room. I reckon you copuld spend about 3 days in this place looking at and reading about all the fossils, animal and how they evolved, dinosaurs, birds etc...seriously this is a giant place and must have vertually have info on every living or past creature. Only got a day left so chop chop time to move on (took me about an hour to find the exit!). Went back into Central park and guess what got lost again lol.
Central Park 24/10/07Central Park 24/10/07Central Park 24/10/07

taken from Central park looking south
Went to NYC history museum - this was totally shit as its not my sort of thing so went in and out in 20 minutes or less. It was free so i didnt least ive been there. I guess its good if your interested in the history of NYC. From there made my way to east river to catch the boat that tours around manhatton island. Called off for some dinner at this american bar / diner just off time square. The bargirl - man she was hot! But been a newyorker miserable as hell!!! fodd was good shit though. Boat trip was as whole very good but there were times later in the tour where it all got a bit repetitive, slow and uninteresting. But it was very good value for money. Statue of liberty was wicked. Totally freezed my tits off as it was blowing a gale and it was very gold and as you can see in pics i was in Hawaii and surf mode.

Again got back very late but still managed a beer or 2 at my favourite little irish bar.

Day 4 flying out in the afternoon so got all moring to cram in what ever i can. Stayed on foot and walked uptown as there were sights that i saw on the tour bus that i wanted a closer look at. Made my way to central park again and called off at St Patricks Cathedral. Couldnt beleive hopw big and how beautiful it was inside. Lit a candle and said a little prayer for all you guys and family back home. Called in at Bloomingdales with no intenetion at all to buy anything but hey at least ive been there now. Went to Rockerfellar (didnt go up as already been to the empire state building which is higher). Back to my favourite place, time square and there was a promotion event going on for the 24. Tried muscling myself in so i could get on TV but no joy! Again tried talking to a few locals and film / photo guys at the promo but again miserable fuckers! Im not sure if ive just been unlucky with who ive tried talking too or they are all like this. However since then ive met guys from NYC and there okay! Time to go back to hostel and collect my bags and make my way to JFK airport and fly off to LA and for a bit of Sun.

Got chatting a guy from Canada (origianlly Serbia) on way to JFK. Got on with him so well and had a proper good laugh on route and at the airport. Issue free at JFK. Flight down to LA good.

Summary of NewYork City........

Loved it! So so so much to see and do. A totally crazy, mega fast paced city 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The size and qty of the buildings is just amazing. Didnt really meet to many people or get to know them but saying that i didnt have time to as i was out and about from 7am to 9pm each night. So glad i came here but so glad i only did 3 nights as im totally knackered and my feet are killing me.

Additional photos below
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View of Downtown ManhattonView of Downtown Manhatton
View of Downtown Manhatton

Taken from West river on route to Statue of Liberty.
Statue of LibertyStatue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

Just in case you didnt know.....durrrrhhhhhhh
Me and the lady (NYC Statue of Liberty)Me and the lady (NYC Statue of Liberty)
Me and the lady (NYC Statue of Liberty)

Karl already in Hawaii mode (see t shirt). Unfortunately it was f'ing freezing that day - hence everyone else wearing rain coats. hehehehe
Manhatton At NightManhatton At Night
Manhatton At Night

Returning from the 3 hour boat trip. F'ing freezing my tits off by now!!!!!!!!
St Patricks Cathedral  NYCSt Patricks Cathedral  NYC
St Patricks Cathedral NYC

Totally Bizarre how the This cathedral and many others in Newyork City sit within all the giant skyscrapers
Rockafellar NYC 25/10/07Rockafellar NYC 25/10/07
Rockafellar NYC 25/10/07

The ice skating ring and the lower levels of the Rockerfellar
Bloomingdales  nyc 25/10/07Bloomingdales  nyc 25/10/07
Bloomingdales nyc 25/10/07

Went in for a mooch around looking like a drowned rat as it was p'ing it down. Very very Posh so made a sharp exit. For you was heaven!

20th November 2007

Hey Hun, Looks like you are having a fab time. Since today has been totally rubbish weather, i thought i would take a look at all your piccies and have a read as to what you have been up to... you have done absolutely loads. Love the piccies... brings back lots of memories. Sounds like you are having the best time... keep smiling. Will log in again soon, to read what else you been up too. Enjoy LA xx

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