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August 29th 2007
Published: August 30th 2007
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We have arrived safely in one piece and much to our relief our baggage arrived as well. We ventured from JFK to Queens first to catch the Subway into Manhattan.

The subway was a little busy as we landed just as everyone was headed home after work. We obviously looked a little lost and bemused as people just kept offering us advice and help as to what station to change and the right line to get on, New Yorkers are a friendly bunch and it was a relief to get up to 95th Street where our hostel is.

We did not however realise how far a walk it was from the subway to the hostel, I was hot and bothered but Mhairi kept me calm and collected. We eventually found the hostel and it turned out to be a clean room in a fairly quiet part of town.

We washed up and headed onto Broadway to get some food. Grays Papaya was my intended stop and it was worth the trek. $3.50 for 2 Franks and a Soda. After this we walked down to Columbus Circle and Trump Tower and sat around for a while.

We decided as our body clocks needed the sleep to head back and start again tomorrow.

This morning started around 4:30 am for me as I could not sleep so I went out to try and shoot some photos but finding somewhere that has good views that are not buildings is a bit of a feat in Manhattan.

So after waking Mhairi up we head out for the day at 7:30 first stop breakfast what shall we have. Well when in Rome..We had bagels so good I had salmon and cream chesse, Mhairi had the cream cheese and jelly.

We decided to take a bus tour on Jenn's word that it was a good way to see everything and it was this was a excellent trip with the tickets lasting two days and the majority of the loops lasting up to two hours.

After doing a bit of shopping at the Patagonia store we went to the Magnolia bakery to get a cupcake Sex and the City fans will understand we then headed to Katz deli the location for huge pastrami sandwiches and When Harry met Sally.

These were big sandwiches no lettuce no salad just meat and stacks of it.

After this we walked it all off by visiting Ground Zero and looking at the new project which they are building.

After the uptown loop which took us all the way to 125th and Harlem we did a little bit more shopping and then had a nice greek meal for dinner getting back to the hostel at 9:30pm what a long day!

Tomorrow we are off to the Tennis and hopefully we will see the Murray brothers as they are both playing!

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Free PicklesFree Pickles
Free Pickles

I could not eat them all!
WTC Plaza SphereWTC Plaza Sphere
WTC Plaza Sphere

This is in Battery park as a memorial until the new building is complete

I am sure this place features in many a classic hip hop video
Juliet from QuicksilverJuliet from Quicksilver
Juliet from Quicksilver

I got chatting to this girl after she asked me to take her picture

30th August 2007

Lucky Bugger
Hey Bruce, looks like you've done loads already! Lucky bugger seeing Monica's apartment, ehehe.
30th August 2007

so what, no regrets on leaving SKY? lol. looks like a good start dude. me and gav where looking for you on the time square webcam, lol, gav thinks he saw you.
30th August 2007

First Time
That's got to be the first time New Yorkers have been called a 'friendly bunch'. Check out Soho if you get a chance. A walk in Central Park is a must too. I'll bet Juliet never heard a brother talk like you before....Looking forward for you on this side of the globe.
30th August 2007

Oh my God
I am sooooooo jealous! Glad trip on bus was worth it! I feel like a local in NYC! I wanna come too! Juliet looks such a beauts! Enjoy the big apple and looking forward to your updates!! Add Fraser on to your! It all looks magical! have fun and take care Love Jenn xxxxxxxxx
30th August 2007

You are quite naughty really, wish we were back there, amazing place, next time have a ham and cheese bagel we had one every day yum yum and a powerade the size of my arm from Mcdonalds. Have an amazing time and see if you can get on the David Letterman show, its worth the hassle, love ya OandC x
30th August 2007

Ha almost forgot
BOP BOP BRIDGET!!!!!!!!!!!
30th August 2007

i'm so jealous
hey guys. looks like you have managed to fit loads already. you have so put me in the mood to go back to NY seeing all the pics. think i'll def go on there at start of honeymoon instead of san fransisco. enjoy rest of your time in NY. looking forward to next installment!! emma xx
30th August 2007

Tidy darts
Nice one Bruce, got some good snaps in but make sure you visit Central Park, you'll find some nice greenary shots there. Ground Zero doesn't seem to have progressed much from two years ago though. See you November. Wingers
31st August 2007

why didn't you tell me you'd be in my neck of the woods!
bruce! i wish i knew you'd be here! i would've been up there in a heartbeat to scope out the city! miss you tons and would love to meet your friend (she's lovely!). let me know how long you'll be in nyc for, or better yet, the area. i'd most definitely scoot up there to spend some time with you. i'll show you where the fun is. let me know!! happy travels.
31st August 2007

the apple of all apples
hey u two, glad to see the start of your trip is going brilliantly! lovely weather - lovely sights -lovely food...yum, im jealous - great pics, ur hostel view is great, i think we were 103rd street, central park west- we had a view of the alley way!tc, x
31st August 2007

woohoo u crossed the pond
wow incredible experience! ive never been to NYC. a bit nervous of all the people but i bet the large amount makes for some wonderful meetings as well. im glad to hear you guys are safely on your way! have a blast and wish you the best moments life could offer in your travels. see ya on this tiny tugboat of a rock in the pacific soon! cant wait to meet you mhairi!
31st August 2007

SATC fan!!
CUPCAKE!! Its gotta be done -hope you enjoyed the experience. Check out the Guggenheim - great for external fotos of amazing building and great art inside! Hope the rest of your trip is as much fun- sure it will be. xxx
3rd September 2007

your pics look fab u lucky pair! take care love kates x
8th September 2007

hello there.. looks like you having a good time mate.. just got back from germany and austria and it was well cool.. at the airport now waiting to go to rome.. i might be seeing you sooner that you think.. contract is up in kuwait.. ment to be working 2mths then having 2 mths off so ill be joining you in yop land if your there.. and if it goes through... yaaaaaa take care mate Ad

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