Holiday Greetings (and Update Since the end of October) - Oct 30 - Dec 23, 2015

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December 23rd 2015
Published: December 24th 2015
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Sorry we haven’t been very active with our updates on the blog, but our house project has been taking up most of our time. We have been working 7 days a week (most weeks) as we were aiming to move out of the apartment and in to the house by the end of November. That deadline came and went as we soon realized that there was just too much to accomplish before moving in.

The next deadline we hoped for was to be in by Christmas, but we pulled out the calendar about a week and a half ago and realized that New Year’s should be our target. The U-Haul is now booked for December 30th and no matter what we will be sleeping in our house on the 30th! We have accomplished a lot since buying the house the end of May with the help of a great contractor and a weekend of help from Bob’s cousin Michael. Fortunately for us the contractor did not have any problem with both of us working with him which helped in getting more done.

Just today the kitchen floor was completed and the kitchen appliances were delivered. We will have new
Bob's Time Taken Up with the Radiant Heat SystemBob's Time Taken Up with the Radiant Heat SystemBob's Time Taken Up with the Radiant Heat System

This is only part of the work needed to get the radiant heat functional
propane tanks this coming Monday so we will be able to get the stove set up as well as try to “fire up” the 1 zone of radiant heating that has been installed. Fortunately for us the heating oil tank was still in good condition so we ordered a tank of oil so we will have heat in the house while we work on getting more of the radiant heating system installed.

We did take off a small amount of time since we last wrote to check out the Holiday Lighted Tractor Parade in Greenwich - it was a rainy night but there was still a great crowd cheering on the various people that spent hours decorating their tractors and/or wagons. It was another one of those great events that happen in small town America!

Thanksgiving comes every year in November so took time out to enjoy a wonderful meal hosted by my niece, Laura and her husband David. Unfortunately Bob had come down sick so he didn’t make it this year. Lucky for him I was able to bring home a “take home dinner” so he didn’t miss out completely on having some turkey.

Here it is the 23rd of December and we have not been able to get any holiday wishes out to our friends so this year we will have to use our blog and Facebook to get our very sincere hope that you all have a wonderful holiday with family and friends this year. We apologize for not touching base with many of you individually but we will try to do so in the New Year!

We are taking some time to get together with family – on the 24th we will celebrate with Bob’s family and on the 27th we will celebrate with Janice’s family. On the 25th we will prepare breakfast for Mom and then head off to “work” as we need to get our bedroom painted before moving in next Wednesday. We also would like to get the flooring down necessitating our working on the 25th. This will definitely be a year to remember as we never imagined at the beginning of 2015 that we would be ending up moving into a house at the end of this year, but as we always say, “Plans change constantly so flexibility is the name of the game"

We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season and hope that the coming year treats you well. We will return to Tsamaya in the spring 2016. As time permits we will also continue to update the gaps from our travels in the Netherlands. Hopefully we will continue to stay in touch as we have made such wonderful friends over the years!

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The Beam for Our BedroomThe Beam for Our Bedroom
The Beam for Our Bedroom

had to come up through the window
A Red Letter Day!A Red Letter Day!
A Red Letter Day!

Getting rid of the port-a-john and having a flushing toilet
Even with Construction Even with Construction
Even with Construction

The Christmas lights & tree help us get in the mood!

28th December 2015

Back to our roots.
Belated Merry Christmas & A Very Safe and Happy New Year. I moved back to upstate NY in May 2015. I am still kicking but not as high. Have seen Dave on T-burg streets but not to talk to. Connected with Jay and of course Keith(retired in June). TAKE CARE AND BE SAFE!
29th December 2015

Happy holidays
You have worked so hard on your home... Hope you will,have time for play and travels in 2016 Best wishes

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