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November 14th 2006
Published: November 14th 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

Rubber Duckies!Rubber Duckies!Rubber Duckies!

Two little ducks who will travel to Denver & Australia
And as I part on my trip to Australia in 2 weeks, it is time to dedicate this blog.

I will dedicate this blog to a very special person who hasn't been dealt the best of hands, but has always managed to keep her quirky sense of humor and to see the brighter side of things. I hope that you are doing well and making the best of your situation, and I miss your random little quotes and jokes. Here's to the ducks.

I will be traveling with two little duckies that were given to me by one of my best friends. A yellow one and a purple one. And they glow in the dark!
I am asking the very special person to name the ducks. These little duckies will be a source of fun stories. Perhaps I will send postcards with duckies in the photos, or maybe I will write some blog entries from the point of view of the ducks. But first these ducks need some names.

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In the dark!In the dark!
In the dark!

Two little ducks, in the dark!

22nd November 2006

dedicated to me-? how sweet of you :)
I finally made it to your blog and have some ducky names in case you didn't want to use "Steve". Names depend a lot on personalities-(and your concern for using trademark names-there was a local diner that got sued because it's name was the same as an automobile-how dumb....) For nervous ducks: Rolex- overly concerned about the time and Rolodex-always wondering who to ask questions. For ducks with differing packing styles: Ziploc-travels light, Hefty- DOESN'T For just plain sick duck names: Chuck (chuck a duck), Splat, Splay,Squash- don't worry I don't like these either :p For ducks near water: Phelin (fell-in) and Brutus (the one who pushed Phelin in the water) Glowing ducks: Flash, Blinky, Twinkles For incompatible ducks: Gulliver the gullible(traveling duck lacking discernment), Aesop (fable telling duck-always taking advantage of Gulliver's gullibility) Thanks for the honor, enjoy your travels! I think I like the last two the best.
23rd November 2006

Naming of the ducks
Thanks so much for the numerous suggestions. :D A tough choice, but I think Gulliver the gullible and Aesop should make the most fun stories. And perhaps they should have middle names...Gulliver H. and Aesop Z., as I like Hefty and Ziploc at the moment (As I'm trying to figure out how on earth to pack for a 7 month trip that will span 3 seasons and 2 continents, not to mention some ridiculous luggage restrictions, these names seem the most appropriate!)
25th November 2006

Duck naming continued...
Eureka, I believe we've found it! Gulliver the gullible H.(hefty)- travels heavily because he actually believes he's going to need all the stuff he's packing and of course lacks discernment. Gulliver falls prey to numerous suggestions beginning with "don't forget to bring..." and ending with "...just in case". Aesop Z.(ziploc)- travels lightly carrying only his notes and props for his schemes to assure that Gulliver the gullible remains the hapless prey to his form of amusement. As for your packing...have they lifted the glowing duck ban yet? :)

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