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June 30th 2015
Published: July 1st 2015
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...and we've arrived in Mountain Daylight Time. My how time flies when you're driving a very long, mostly straight road.

We (I) saw amazing views of a canyon and river below while Mike focused on navigating the numerous switchbacks on Highway 60 through the Superstition Mountains. The upcoming days we'll focus on eating up the miles. We plan to drive at lease 350 miles each day (until now I think we've averaged around 275). There probably won't be a lot to blog about.

The rest areas in New Mexico, or at least on Highway 60, are quite interesting. The one we stopped at for a quick sandwich and water refill had 4 individual picnic areas like the one in the picture. There were no toilets. It was really weird. Other "rest areas" along the highway were nothing more than a wide spot on the shoulder with a picnic table and garbage barrel.

Something I've noticed over the past few days is that, except on rare occasions, all the good views are on Mike's side of the road. I get the power lines and scrub bushes. Mike gets all the cool rock formations, livestock, deer (I think that's what they are although they look smaller than the deer back home) and landscapes. Even when we went through a crop of giant radar/satellite dishes/UFO detectors the closest one was on his side.

Our accommodations for the night are located in a big gravel parking lot with water and electrical hookups and a tree between the sites. The office doubles as a hair and tanning salon...or would that be triples? Hey, it's fairly level, easy to get in and out, allows us the basic necessities and has wi-fi (another basic necessity for this trip).

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1st July 2015

i love reading your blog .... can you feel me sitting in the back seat? .... i have told teri we need to do one on our trip in sep. but i dont think we can be as dedicated to it as you guys are ....keep up the good work and travel safe!!!!
2nd July 2015

I'm surprised I've made it this long. I'm not one to keep a journal, so when I decided to do a blog of our trip I was skeptical myself. I really hope I do manage to write something at the end of each day. I think the hardest part will be when we're visiting family for more than a few days.
1st July 2015

You sure you don't have a kitty in your rig? Nah. I get it. The bouncy roads made the paper roll off. I am very much appreciating your blogging! Thank you!
2nd July 2015

Kitty Spirit?
A cat was the first thing I thought of when I saw it! The bouncing unrolled about half of what was there!!
2nd July 2015

Keep up the good work ....and im jealous that you played golf!!!!!!

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