Day Nine...

Published: June 30th 2015
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...was spent with family. The day started with a round of golf with Mark. I lasted 9 holes, Mike and Mark went another 3. By then everyone was pretty much done with the heat. I started off well, got some good shots, Mike struggled. Then I made the mistake of telling Mike he was golfing like me (the way I usually play). After that I started playing like me. It was a good thing we weren't keeping score. Mark golfs regularly, but he seemed to be having fun, using his round with us to try clubs he wouldn't normally use in certain situations. Some worked, some didn't. The critters on the courses in Arizona are quite unusual to see for "golfers" from Washington. There were roadrunners, lizards and the occasional bunny. Mark and I shared a cart and throughout our conversations, found we had several things in common.

Toward the end of our round of golf, Mike got a call back from a local repair shop. Remember the DIY A/C recharge thing I told you about yesterday? He couldn't use it. The nozzle was too small to attach to the fill port. When we got to Mark and Chrissy's, Mark recommended a local shop. Mike gave them a call and they were able to take the truck while we golfed. Mike thought there might be a small leak in the system because he'd heard a hissing noise coming from the area around the A/C unit. We dropped the truck off on the way to the golf course. Jump to the 10th hole and the phone call. No leak; the system was bone dry. They recharged it and we were good to go. On the way back to the house we picked up the truck and returned the DIY kit. While Mike was explaining to the guy at the counter why he was returning it, another worker bee said there was another smaller port located lower on the unit that many people aren't aware of. Well, we'll be better prepared for next time. He just needs to locate the lower port.

We had a lovely visit with Mark and Chrissy, catching up on family events, reminiscing about childhood memories, talking sports and enjoying yet another delicious meal. Yes, some of the leftovers were sent home with us. Their girls are growing fast (as kids do) and their son is taking a couple of summer classes at one of the universities here. He's almost a year younger than our son.

As I'm writing this, a thunder storm is rolling through with lots of lightning and wind. I opened the blinds so I could watch. The wind caused the power to go out, interrupting Mike's watching of The Godfather Part II. He's seen it several times already, it was toward the end of the movie when he turned it on, and the power was out only for a second. The wind rocked the trailer a bit. Felt a little like an old wooden roller coaster.

Our itinerary has already had one casualty. We've decided to cut our stops in Texas. The plan was to go to San Antonio to do the River Walk and visit the Alamo, then drive to Austin to visit my uncle and a cousin and his family. Because of all the damage to the roads caused by the flooding, the resulting road repair and the fact it's supposed to rain the entire time we're there, we decided to save our visit for another time. This has been a year for some unseasonable and extreme weather.

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1st July 2015

Fake Grass
The greens look so manicured they seem like their fake!!! Mike is this your cousin?
2nd July 2015

REAL Grass
Golf courses are the only places that have grass. Golfing in AZ is a whole 'nother world. Yes, that's Mike's cousin, Mark. He's really good and he golfed with us anyway!

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