Santa Fe - Smells like Cheeks in here

Published: May 26th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

That night we stayed in our ohhh so charming motel in Santa Fe. Yes, the Silver Saddle Motel is accross the street from the one strip club in Santa Fe, 'Cheeks'. Leave it to us to find the one seedy area of an otherwise really hippie/artsy city. Honestly though the people at the motel were extremely nice and helpful, to the point that they agreed to leave our door open with the key inside so we could arrive late. Got to love New Mexico.

We woke up the next morning and went to downtown Santa Fe. We had a limited time there so we headed to the main plaza to see some of the cool artwork that is sold on the street there. Apparently you aren't allowed to take pictures of their artwork? Jerks. Overall though the people were friendly, the adobe style architecture was neat, and the miraculous staircase was not work the $2.50 they charge to see it. (Blair solved the mystery..).

From Santa Fe we drove to Taos, an Indian reservation about 1.5 hours north. It was a bit pricey (10 dollars per person to look at a pueblo?) But we still thought it was pretty cool to see that type of lifestyle.

Did I mention it was also a high of about 50 degrees? I thought the desert was supposed to be hot!

Overall though, we have found the New Mexican landscape completely breath taking. Kathy especially loves the mountains in the distance in which you can see clearly cut ski trails. Again, another surprise in what we considered the desert!

Also, other side note: Nikki took her leftover hurricane back to the hotel with us that first night in new orleans, then to torture blair, put it in a water bottle and is still to this moment carrying it in her back-pack. We try to get random people we meet in hostels to drink it occasionally, it's a good ice breaker!

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