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October 29th 2017
Published: October 30th 2017
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blog 10-29-17 Santa Fe day 2

Our main objective this morning was to get the dogs exercised so they would sleep the afternoon away while we went sightseeing in Santa Fe. To accomplish this we took the kids to the dog park, "Oh do we have to go again!" , not their reaction. They all know the way and as soon as we head in that general direction the pace picks up and there is no going anywhere else. They have their dog buddies too that frequent the park and they run to smell the newcomer, sometimes scaring the poor things to death. But they are all friendly and just want to run, play catch or just chase each other. There is a little miniature poodle who is really cute but wants to dominate every dog there. When you're a 70 lb big dog that only goes so far.

Watson and Alfy have been playing with a tennis ball for a few days and a boxer came and took it over. Well, Watson barked at him and chased him but he wouldn't give it up so the owner took the ball and threw it out of the park. Watson wasn't having that, he stood at the fence and barked for his ball until the boxer owner decided he would come back later.

Sometimes there is drama but most of the time the dogs do fine and they run and play til they are really tired. Mission accomplished...

Ginnie and I headed for town about 11 after Ginnie had mapped out our route as we took a wrong turn yesterday and wanted to be sure to get there in a timely fashion. There was a tram tour we wanted to take at noon so we got into town and even found the parking lot nearby. The tram was parked where it should be and we talked to the organizer who needed 4 more people to sign up for the tram to run. We waited about 10 minutes and sure enough 6 more people showed up so off we went. It was an open air tram that told about the history of Santa Fe.

The tour lasted about 1 1/4 hrs and was very informative. It would have been better to have gone on it yesterday so we could do some of the things that caught our attention but it didn't happen that way.

After the tour we ate in a restaurant that the tour director had recommended right on the Plaza and it was really good food in a building that had been in Santa Fe since the town was built. It had tile floor and a tin roof and was more like a diner atmosphere then a restaurant.

Then we headed to the area where the Native Americas had their wares to sell. They ranged from all kinds of jewelry from beads to fine silver work, to knives with elaborate handles, arrows and pottery figurines. We each found a special treasure then headed back to the car. Ginnie wanted to see more of the art galleries on Canyon Rd so we got out the map then resorted to Google maps. We finally found the right place and enjoyed seeing the finely made sculptures in that section of Canyon Rd.

I have never had so much trouble navigating around before and found out that Will Rogers said of Santa Fe, "It was laid out by a drunk riding backwards on a mule." and there you have it. It was a town very early then added on to as time went on so one street ends and across the intersection the street has a different name. Then you have the one way streets that will be one way then at an intersection it is one way the other way. A real challenge.

We headed home and took the dogs to their favorite place to romp and play til it was happy hour. We sat outside for a while enjoying the warmer afternoon and the sunshine.

We have enjoyed this campground very much and are not looking forward to leaving but we must. Tomorrow we start heading home but will go by way of I 20 which is further south than we originally planned. The weather here has been cold especially at night and it seems the temperatures are lower as we go east.

Ginnie's take, she loves Santa Fe especially the buildings with rounded edges. No building can be taller than the Basiciala but they give you a choice of 17 colors of brown to choose from for your house. Turquoise is acceptable too but only as a trim color.

Ginnie also liked the challenge of navigating around town and found it very interesting and appealing. Definatley planning on a return visit.

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