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December 15th 2015
Published: December 15th 2015
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It doesn’t matter which side of the alien debate you are on, Roswell New Mexico is a fun place to explore. If you like the idea of the stereotype green alien, there are plenty of them all around the area to take photos of or with. Even the pizza chain there, Domino’s, has a large one with the sign. It is all part of the fun that draws people to this area.

While this region is mainly agricultural with the various dairy cow farms and crops being grown, it has become a prime tourist region. If you aren’t familiar with the history, it is believed aliens were found in this area in 1947 but the US government covered it up. It is believed a UFO crashed about 75 miles from this location and the aliens were brought to the army post in Roswell.

According to the US government, it wasn’t a UFO that crashed in Roswell in 1947 but rather an Air Force balloon out there conducting routine surveillance of the area. Later, it was stated it was a weather balloon simply collecting data.

The conspiracy theories continue to be alive and well around Roswell New Mexico. It can be a fun place to stop in and take a look around to see for yourself what you think really happened. There are other historical elements to see here too including a World War II POW camp museum.


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