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North America » United States » New Mexico » Roswell February 3rd 2018

Today we headed off to the World Famous UFO museum in Roswell NM, location of an alleged UFO crash in 1947. A rancher discovered debris in a sheep pasture he was working in and that kicked of a 70 year dialogue and debate on what was found some 7 decades ago. The museum does a great job presenting formerly classified documents and death-bed statements to justify their assertion that in addition to debris from a space craft; there was the bodies of 4 extraterrestrial beings found as well. They lay their case out well and add in enough touristy stuff to make the museum a really fun stop along our cross-country expedition. We half expected the museum to be a complete tourist trap, but were pleasantly surprised by how professionally it is put together. While walking ... read more
Museum Entrance
Back at the RV Park
Funny Display with sounds and movement

North America » United States » New Mexico » Roswell June 16th 2017

Well the inevitable was bound to happen right . An Aussie driving in the USA. I looked to see if there was anything coming then moved out Only trouble I looked the wrong way. And drove into oncoming traffic. Well I'm still here to tell the tale so of course nothing happened, as I braked just as the traffic started to blow there horns. Well that was the most excitement I've had for the day. Travelling through New Mexico is like being on the Nullabor Plains. All except one hill which took about 50miles to get up and over and a few Pump heads. The countryside was devoid of trees. So those of you who thought Roswell was in the twilight zone with the landscape to match the surface of the Moon (me included), well you'd ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Roswell June 21st 2016

It is really nice to not spend a day driving to our next location, we choose not to take highway 82 over to White Sands National Park due to the steep grade and roll backs. We were told this is a beautiful drive but not suited for a travel trailer. We decided to take 285 to Roswell and stay a night at Bottomless Lakes State Park, the lakes here are a beautiful blue and are formed from sink holes. This is a must see for anyone in the area even if you do not plan on taking a swim in the mineral lakes. We headed into town, Roswell, to visit the UFO Museum. The museum itself was well put together well, it was set up that you walk through in chronological order reading the events of ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Roswell March 24th 2016

Steve is a big fan of American Football and is almost as big a fan of that Dallas Cowboys’ Cheerleaders’ programme that’s shown on TV at some obscure time of night, so we decided to do a little detour from Dallas to see the stadium in nearby Arlington. Apparently, the stadium is so big it could accommodate the Statue of Liberty with its retractable roof closed. I decided it would also be quite nice to take in the Arlington National Cemetery (what is this thing I’ve got with cemeteries?!) but that’s a different Arlington, apparently, over 1300 miles away. The day was chilly (only 54 degrees) but the skies were blue and the sun shone. As we set off, we were approached in the hotel car park by a well dressed man seeking a free handout ... read more
Empty desert road
Texas oil drill
Historical roadside marker

North America » United States » New Mexico » Roswell January 27th 2016

Geo: 33.3948, -104.523He's quiet about it but we think that Dave B illegally smuggled himself out of Britain and into Canada in a steamer trunk full of Quality Street Chocolates. With this in-dispute alien background we thought that he'd be particularly interested in what has to be the most famous in-dispute crash landing spot of an illegal alien in the U.S.: Roswell, New Mexico. The tin foil hat types hold that an alien spacecraft was flying over the New Mexico desert observing secret US nuclear weapons activity, but crashed after being hit by lightning, killing the aliens on board; a government cover-up duly followed. We did hook up with a guy named Dennis in a back parking lot and, after an exchange of word codes, he squeezed us into his vehicle and took us to all ... read more
"Town Without A Toothache"
Back Into New Mexico
Three Or Four Old Grouches

North America » United States » New Mexico » Roswell December 15th 2015

It doesn’t matter which side of the alien debate you are on, Roswell New Mexico is a fun place to explore. If you like the idea of the stereotype green alien, there are plenty of them all around the area to take photos of or with. Even the pizza chain there, Domino’s, has a large one with the sign. It is all part of the fun that draws people to this area. While this region is mainly agricultural with the various dairy cow farms and crops being grown, it has become a prime tourist region. If you aren’t familiar with the history, it is believed aliens were found in this area in 1947 but the US government covered it up. It is believed a UFO crashed about 75 miles from this location and the aliens were ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Roswell May 14th 2015

Roswell. A name synonymous with alien beings from another world. It's not much of a town so unless you are visiting the International UFO Museum And Research Center,you'll no doubt drive straight on by. There certainly didn't seem to be anything else there worth exploring, although some of the shops were fun and the nearby restaurants looked tempting. Our opinions were mixed about the museum. There were lots of fun things to see and contemplate, but in this day and age it could have been a lot more interactive. It deals with a subject that lends itself to interactivity so that aspect was a bit disappointing. It was good, however, to learn so much more about the 1947 "incident" although it left us wondering how on Earth certain things happened. How were the greatest military minds ... read more
The 1947 "Incident"
OMG, they're here!!
Alien posters

North America » United States » New Mexico » Roswell September 29th 2014

Geo: 33.3948, -104.523One of the places we enjoy stopping is Bottomless Lakes near Roswell New Mexico. They have a very nice campground and it is a welcome place to spend the evening. The setting is quite nice and the sounds of the birds is also a reward.... read more
Llano to Santa Fe via Bottomless Lakes
Llano to Santa Fe via Bottomless Lakes
Llano to Santa Fe via Bottomless Lakes

North America » United States » New Mexico » Roswell September 20th 2014

Aujourd'hui nous sommes parti d'Alamogordo vers Roswell. Hélas par manque de temps nous n'avons pas pu faire les grottes de Carlsbad mais on a eu le temps de se promener a Roswell et visiter le musée UFO. Nous n'avons pas vu d'Extra Terrestres....... read more

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