The Grand Canyon is so much More than just a Large Hole

Published: October 20th 2015
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There is so much to see and do at the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Some people just don’t appreciate it, and they think of it as a boring hole in the ground. Yet if you take the time to explore the rich beauty here you will be amazed at all it provides you with. If you get the chance an aerial view of the Grand Canyon is perfect. This will allow you to see how wide and long the canyon really is. When you are viewing it from land it can be easy to be misled about just how large it truly is.

You can also rent horses to go deep in the Grand Canyon. There are marked trails but it can take several hours each direction. If you plan to do this on your visit, make sure you show up early so you have all day to complete the adventure without being rushed. It is a good idea to park and take one of the free shuttle buses so you can just enjoy the scenery or take photos along the route.

There are ranger programs for children of various ages to take part in. They can spend time with a qualified guide to learn about the canyon and to go exploring. There is a walking trail around the rim of the Grand Canyon which is about 1.2 miles long.

There is also a museum and an information center which are very informative to visit. The park orientation film gives you an overview of how the park was initiated and how it has changed over the years. Camping is permitted at some areas of the canyon so you can bring along your RV or your tent.


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