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North America » United States » New Mexico » Deming January 17th 2019

We flew into El Paso on Wednesday, January 16th, and drove to Deming, NM, where we spent the night. The next morning, we drove about 25 miles north to the City of Rocks State Park where we hiked the Table Mountain Trail and returned to the trailhead by way of a spur trail that took us through the middle of the collection of huge boulders that make up the “city of rocks.” The hike to the top of Table Mountain, which is really more a mesa than a mountain, took us to a neat high point that afforded a fantastic view of the surrounding countryside. We trekked back down the trail to the spur trail that took us through the area of boulders, marveling at how they came to be there in the middle of the ... read more
Table Mountain
Table Mountain
The City of Rocks

North America » United States » New Mexico » Deming March 20th 2018

COOKE’S SPRING Southwestern Indians passing through the area have been using the water at Cooke’s Spring for thousands of years. It was then, and still is a reliable source of water year around. The spring was not on the El Camino Real when the Spanish came to New Mexico, but Governor de Anza knew of it in 1780 and his soldiers used it to chase around after Indians who had been marauding Spanish settlements. Finally in 1846 Colonel Phillip St George Cooke, in command of the Mormon Battalion, came upon the spring by accident and the Mormons planted their flag on it. It has been known to White America as Cooke’s Spring ever since. The Mormon Battalion was tasked with building a road between Santa Fe and California that did not follow the difficult Gila River ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Deming May 28th 2013

COMING HOME Day 31: May 22, 2013 Las Vegas, NM is a poor place to have breakfast in. I had to settle for the “free pottage” offered by the motel. It consisted of a stale biscuit and some thin gravy with no tabasco sauce, a hard-boiled egg of questionable origin, a few of those tofu sausages, some sour orange juice and a cup of bad coffee. If those motel breakfasts were part of a regular diet regimen it would provide women, little children and sissies with a cast iron constitution. I already have mine and can choke down about anything, but prefer a tasty stack of blueberry pancakes with some strawberries on top. I got my cast iron constitution from years of overindulgence in cheap whiskey and bad chili. It has served ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Deming March 24th 2013

So here we are for the next few weeks, 15 miles north of Deming, New Mexico at a small RV park called, The Temperate Zone. It's completely off the beaten path and we were looking forward to a month of rest and relaxation without the freeway or train noise we've been fraught with for most of our trip. Well, we sure got that. Our nearest neighbors are a herd of black angus cattle! As I look out my window this evening I can see a charming old windmill, much like the windmill my grandparents had in North Dakota. In fact, even though we are far away from their homestead, the land looks much the same. Lots of sagebrush, tumbling tumbleweeds, and hills in the distance. We chose this park for another big reason: the cost for ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Deming March 5th 2013

MOWRY CITY Such as it was, Mowry City sprung into existence in 1859 at the Mimbres River Station on the Butterfield Trail. It was one of the earliest land scams in the American Southwest. Sylvester Mowry was a well-known advocate for separate territorial status for Arizona. To do so he was in the habit of making wildly exaggerated claims about population density, mineral wealth, and a salubrious climate well suited to the propagation of the species. In 1858 Mowry travelled by stage from Arizona to Missouri seeking financial backing for his mine. Along the way he met a man named Robert P. Kelley from Mesilla who had similar interests but fewer scruples. When Kelley returned to Mesilla after his business trip he got some pals, Samuel J. Jones and Lewis S. Owings interested in a plan ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Deming January 2nd 2013

When you find yourself hungry in Deming, NM, you have the chance to go to one of the most eclectic places you’ll see in your life. It is hard to find, hard to see even as you stand right in front of it, but once you go through its doors, you are glad you made it. Bears, deer, crocodiles, turkeys, you name it… they’re all there staring back at you. (Do not fret, they’re not alive!) They are surrounded by hundreds of trinkets – car plates, jacket patches, funny signs – making even a visit to the bathroom an experience. You can watch the huge projection of a football or baseball game that will be showing over one of the walls, while you taste the variety of beer that is available on tap. Steak dinners, hamburgers, ... read more
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North America » United States » New Mexico » Deming May 5th 2012

It’s Cinco de Mayo and my 61st birthday. Celebrate! I had half a margarita after supper, but it head right to my went. We slept in this morning, then Kerry cooked us a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns. After breakfast Kerry and Gena went for a hike up the side of the mountain looking for rocks. Bob and I stayed in camp, catching up on blogs and relaxing. Later this afternoon we drove into Spring Canyon SP, just a few miles down the road. It is a beautiful park with majestic rocks and a 17% grade on the entrance road. When we came back I fixed birthday/cinco de mayo fajitas that were quite tasty. Then we went out to watch the sun set and the Super Moon rise. Beautiful sights. I was ... read more
Beautiful vista
Florida Mts
Florida Mtns

North America » United States » New Mexico » Deming May 4th 2012

After a quick stop at Walmart, we left Artesia and drove west on Hwy 82, through dry, scrubby and dusty land. It was like this for 40 or 50 miles before finally getting hilly. We drove through James Canyon, where the valleys became greener, to Cloudcroft at 8,600+ ft. There we got our first glimpses of the white sands in the distance. West of Cloudcroft the road wound down at a 6% downgrade for 16 miles. We stopped at a scenic overlook about halfway down to admire the views and let the brakes cool. Once down on flat land again, we drove through Alamogordo to White Sands National Monument. We saw lots of dust devils again today, but they were white due to the white sands. After driving through the dunes, it was back on the ... read more
dry, flat and dusty
starting to get hilly
green valley, happy cows

North America » United States » New Mexico » Deming March 26th 2012

Left this morning headed further west. Crossed into Arizona at 10:25am. Kind of uneventful, with the exception of the idiot in Tucson who went to the Atlanta school of Merging. Almost knocked the dust off the front of the motorhome in merging. Drove to Casa Grande, AZ and stayed at the Fiesta Grande RV Resort. This is an over 55 RV park, really nice, but a little pricey at $40.00 per night. They are a PA park, but the PA rates do not begin until April. Spending one night here and then continue westward.... read more
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North America » United States » New Mexico » Deming March 25th 2012

Weather - 65 degrees This morning we are headed to Carlsbad Caverns. The scenery on the road going in to the Caverns is beautiful. Carlsbad Caverns self guided tour is very interesting and somewhere between 1.3 and 2.6 miles long. This tour takes you into and down the natural entrance. You decend down a winding walkway for 750 vertical feet. The temp in the caverns is a constant 56 degrees. Always wanted to visit here and real glad we did. Back on the road to Las Cruces, NM. 87 degrees now and an elevation fo 5695 ft. For two days we have been traveling across Texas and New Mexico with nothing to see except desert, bruch, dry flat land, and few mountains. There are some places where auto services are some 130 to 150 miles apart. ... read more
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