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North America » United States » Montana » Great Falls May 18th 2015

Day 3 turned into a very nice day with the winds gone, and the sun shinning. We all were awake early with the time change, and were on the road by 8 AM. Very chilly last night, with the furnace coming on frequently. We're also getting to be "old hands" when it comes to disconnecting all the RV's imbilical cords each morning. When planning the trip we had decided to take a more direct route to Great Falls which took us off of the interstate, and it turned out to be a wonderful decision. Diane took her first stab at driving their RV, and she did a marvelous job. I'll be getting my shot soon. The scenery on Rt.212 was spectacular. There were miles and miles of praires full of steer, deer and sheep. While driving ... read more
Grave marker
Marked where they fell
The Herd

North America » United States » Montana May 17th 2015

I know, you're saying "where the hell is Alzada, Montana?" I'll get to that later. Today was a very interesting day, scenery wise. After a nice night, we unhooked the RV's in the drizzle, and got on our way. Not much to see on this stretch of the highway, the huge crop fields gave way to gigantic cattle ranchs, stretching for miles in all directions. Still no windmills. The drive to the badlands was a white knuckle one. The drizzle turned into monsoon rain, and the wind was 30 mph, gusting to 45. The RV's were like a giant sail, buffeting back and forth. Then we get a construction area about 15 miles long, down to one lane, rain coming down in sheets, wind swaying us around, and tractor trailer trucks coming at us in the ... read more
Keystone, SD

Greetings all. For those who are wondering, yes, we were snowed in and needed to spend an extra 2 nights in South Dakota. On our way out of town 15 cars were in ditches, 1 semi trailer had rolled, along with a 5 wheeler caravan... so not a good idea to drive if you don't have to! Thus far, we have been to some beautiful National and State Parks, but there is little wonder why Yellowstone is the Nations favourite and most popular. It is America's first National Park and was established in 1872. It has an abundance of wildlife and natural beauty, most of which we have never seen in real life. On any given day you can see free roaming elk, deer and bison, along with marmots, squirrels, badgers and a variety of birds ... read more
2 feet in 24 hours
She looked sad...
So we dug her out!

North America » United States » Montana » Big Sky March 13th 2015

Day 4: The snow here is so icy! It makes for a rough ride! We are just sitting down for a nice lunch and we are starving! Overall we are very happy with Montana.. It has amazing scenery and tons of wildlife! ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Big Sky March 13th 2015

We are now headed to Minneapolis :) we will pass through ND.. So this will be 2 new states to the list! It's about a 1000 mile drive so we will def stop there for sleep :) I have been averaging 83mph an hour and getting 600 miles a tank in Montana! ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Bozeman March 12th 2015

We are now on the road at Montana! We are going to stay the night in Bozeman and snowboard big sky tomorrow. We have seen tons of elk and deer along the way! There is nothing better than passing through yellowstone national park and seeing its beauty! Tomorrow should be a wonderful day! ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Belgrade December 21st 2014

Up before 7am - breakfast and finishing the packing - ready for our flight to Bozeman. Had a coffee with Linda's Swedish friends Be-be and her husband Gustof...they are a great couple. Gustof is a practising dermatologist and Be-be is a retired general practioner - both are in their 70's. We all agreed we should meet up again in 2016! Rain in Seattle today. The drive to Seatac airport was straightforward even in the rain. After dropping off the rental we caught a shuttle bus over to the terminal. SeaTac is a huge place. When we arrived at the self serve check in counter we noticed that our fight had been brought forward by an hour - now leaving at midday rather than 1pm. Luckily we had arrived early for the flight. Check In of bags ... read more
Montana from the air
From inside the airport

North America » United States » Montana November 10th 2014

Montana 2-3 oct. Après avoir traversé beaucoup de prairies dans le Montana et le Wyoming et observés des centaines de boeufs/vaches autour et SUR la route, on a faim pour un vrai steak ! On se paye des morceaux de viande à 25$ au Moose Joose Bar. AAAh que c'est bon la vie. On dors dans un petit camping gratuit vide au bord d'un lac, près de Missoula.La lune est ronde et grosse, elle éclaire comme une grosse lanterne, même pas besoin de sortir les lampes de poche. Simon ? T'es où ?? Ah oui, couché sur le capot encore chaud de la Grosse à regarder les étoiles. Maudit qu'on est ben en camping. En se levant en ce matin du 3 octobre vers 7h am, on a déglacé nos vitres d'auto !! Arrivée au ranch ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Billings October 8th 2014

this is a catchup piece. have not had the opportunity to blog. ANCHORAGE Anchored down in ANCHORAGE indeed. Anchorage is largest city in Alaska. 500,000 in its conurbation. This is what we found out while in Anchorage. Little known facts about Alaska · You can get a pilot’s licence at 14 ½ yrs · An earthquake measuring 9.2 hit in 1964. Devastation galore. · Hunting season begins the Tuesday after labour day. That is known as “boys off sick today” day as they are all off hunting with their dads. · ½ all light planes in the US are in Alaska. · If you own a plane outright you don’t need to insure it. · Most Alaskan planes are more than 30 years old. New planes need to conform to new safety standards. · Up to ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Bigfork September 27th 2014

So, the big race today, the Huckleberry 100 was 4 races in one. There was the big 100, a fifty miler, and a twenty five miler that I planned for. But after a wrong turn, and volunteers who did not know the route, I took a wrong turn, and ended up cycling from Kalispell to Bigfork, where we are staying. It ended up close to forty miles, if not more. So, in good humor, I finished FIRST my own little race, and called it the Bigfork 40. There were a few others who got trapped into this route as well, but they finished well behind me. So, to reward myself, I am going to have a Roederer Estate brut rose' in honor of my big first race win. You are welcome to join the party here ... read more

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