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Because of the Covid problems in the Indian community our hotel served pre-packaged breakfast for us to take. We had scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuit, fried potatoes, juice and coffee, bagel, cream cheese or butter, and breakfast bar. I was impressed at how they handled the breakfast. Many hotels would have just cancelled doing any kind of breakfast. East Glacier is on the east side of Glacier N.P. Close to the St Mary Visitor Center. This year several national parks are requiring vehicle passes (in addition to your visitors pass) to get into the parks. They are doing this to control the amount or traffic and people I. The cost is only $2.00 however if you didn’t get a reservation 60 days before your day to enter the park you couldn’t get a vehicle pass. They did ... read more

Sunday was a driving day to get from Gardiner to Glacier. Our goal was to make a couple stops for supplies and enjoy the sights along the way. We’ve all decided that while our pictures are good they just don’t really capture the scenery as we see it. We’re each so grateful that we are able to make this trip and see it all in person!! As we’re driving along we have lots of discussions and solve all the world’s problems. Top of the list is Covid and what we can do to avoid becoming infected. In the beginning, we were the only people wearing masks but as we’ve traveled west and north many more are masking up. It is required in all National parks buildings. When we arrived at our cottage for the night if ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Gardiner August 19th 2021

Today was a travel day. We had breakfast at our hotel where we had another pancake machine…I know I’m just a big kid but it’s fun to watch it plop the pancakes into Your plate. This one was even newer…it was a no touch.. just wave your hand and it went to work. We had about a 5 1/2 hour drive to our home for the next three days in Gardiner, MT, the north entrance to Yellowstone near the Roosevelt Arch. As usual the drive was interesting watching landforms change. We followed the Yellowstone River so we saw fishermen and boaters along the way. We saw mule deer and whitetail deer as well. Our only stops were to WalMart for bug cleaner for the car, a few groceries, and allergy medicine. We also gassed up and ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Missoula July 18th 2021

We woke up late and since our reservation wasn't until noon, we left the KOA around 9am. Soon into the trip we entered the Flathead Indian Reservation, populated by the Salish Indian tribes. It was obvious we were on a reservation when many of the road signs had a very different looking language on them. See the photo of one sign. As we got close to our destination, Big Arm Marine, we got a view that was amazing, so I turned off onto the next roadside area and we walked way back up the road to get some photos. Soon after that, we made the sharp right turn onto the road where Big Arm Marine & Rentals were located. There is also a restaurant, a group of cabins, and a number of private homes along the ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Missoula July 17th 2021

Day 6: This morning we were in no rush to leave because Manoli had to call Glacier National Park at 8am to see if we could get entry passes through the "lottery", first-come first-serve. Unfortunately, even though she was signed in by 8am, we didn't get them. Glacier National Park is part of the reason we planned on stopping at Missoula, to either spend a day at the park, or go there on our way to Spokane. We left the KOA and awesome Yellowstone behind and hit the road on our way to Missoula, about a 4-hour drive, with no special places to stop along the way. Since we already knew there was a WalMart near our destination, we didn't both stopping in Livingston or Bozeman. We did stop for gas and a coffee after we ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Gardiner July 14th 2021

Again, I was awake by 6am, but this time without having gotten the chills, so I had a good night's sleep. And again, by the time I woke up, my wife was back with a fresh hot cup of coffee for me. Just another of the many reasons I love her. Since we had a 6 1/2 hour drive to our next location, and wanted to spend some time along the way at the Craters of the Moon National Park, getting up and on our way was important. The drive to Craters of the Moon was very scenic, but also pretty desolate, with very few towns or signs of civilization a lot of the time. It was about an 80 mile drive, taking about an hour and a half. We pulled into the Visitor Center around ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Whitehall August 27th 2020

Sally: Here's some sober self-reflection: As we search for "property" which means looking at the "house" and the "land" and the "access" and the "water rights" and the orientation of the property to allow for, or prevent, successful winter greenhouse and other vegetative food production, there is also the matter of "the community." One could find the absolute and affordable ideals for house and land, etc. and never know the nature of the people who live in proximity, both close-in neighbors and also one's "town," where we'll buy groceries and building supplies and stuff. The more we risk reaching out with some honest comment or question, the more sober and humble I feel. I've been saddled with patterns as a self-protective psycho-snob for much of my adult life. I've found it easiest to risk vulnerable connection ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Whitehall August 27th 2020

Here's how that white space filled up. After the Disappointment in Deer Lodge, we decided to head back east a bit, to Whitehall, to drive by a property we'd been shown more than a week ago, to view it again with different eyes. The Great Processing work we had done with our third partner had given us more realistic guidelines to follow, and more freedom to explore "the good" instead of demanding "the perfect." We'd passed on this property before because of our third partner's concern about proximity to neighbors, but now we've all come to realize that it may be impossible, at least in this market, to get absolute remoteness AND reasonable access AND proximity to a thriving community all at the same time, or to find a perfect food-growing spot AND a perfect secluded ... read more
The Cattle are Lowing at The Potential Place
The Main House at The Potential Place
The Rocky Mountain at The Potential Place

North America » United States » Montana » Deer Lodge August 26th 2020

If you look for the Impenetrable Mountains on a map of Montana, you will not likely find them labelled. But we can assure you that they exist. We have been in them since we got here. The phrase comes from Peter Kingsley, a favorite author and guru, as he recounts an old Mongolian myth, about people being stuck in an impossible situation, with no hope of escape, no hope of moving forward, no hope of resolution, and how, at last, a magical wolf appears to bore a hole through the mountains and lead the people out of their stuck place, or a shaman appears and shoots a magical arrow that cuts a hole through the mountains and achieves the same end. We've used this myth, and this phrase, as a way of looking at our present ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Deer Lodge August 26th 2020

Tim said it. We're in the impenetrable mountains. Again. I felt pressure to make an offer on the one place we saw yesterday. It was a deal if you looked and the price tag divided by the number of acres. And the house was very solid and even had a very high end kitchen. But it was dark and closed in and not well designed and, for the number of square feet, felt cramped when it shouldn't. The "greenhouse" it had built into it wasn't thoughtfully designed and the large tomato plants in it only had green tomatoes on them. In late August. In a greenhouse. So it would mean rebuilding major parts of the house. I can't, I won't, ask Tim to do that. The place had an offer on it that had not been ... read more

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