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North America » United States » Montana » Missoula September 13th 2019

What a great day! We didn't have to leave Fresno until 12:40pm. It was so nice no to have to get up in the middle of the night. Leisurely Lyft ride to the airport and lunch at the Fresno Airport. Nice way to start a vacation. Delta was on time as we headed out of Fresno. Usually I have an aisle seat so I don't see much but today was a window and we flew right over our home at Woodward Lakes. Then, over Millerton Lake just north about 10 miles from home. Quick jump over the Sierra Nevada range and there was Mammoth Lakes Ski Resort. Ahead to Mono Lake and 1 hour and 12 minutes later, into Salt Lake City. Just an hour layover then another hour and 6 minutes and the green valleys ... read more
Home: Woodward Lake in Fresno
St. Ignatius, Montana

We spent a few days recently visiting Glacier National Park and we were left speechless. We have visited many national parks but from a scenic perspective, this one has to be near the top. From the visitor centers to the McDonald Lodge to the Road-to-the-Sun drive, the views will leave you speechless. Just a note, if you are timid in the least and don’t like narrow winding roads with minimal clearance, you might want to leave the driving to the free shuttle bus or reserve a space in the red bus line that takes you through the park in a 1930’s vintage bus.... read more

North America » United States » Montana September 2nd 2019

THE BASICS We have had gorgeous weather for many days. Sunny, warm, beautiful puffy clouds. That's great, but might also affect the huge numbers of tourists at our last two parks, along with the holiday weekend. On our first day camped in Banff, we drove partway up the Icefields Parkway and did not go all the way to Jasper. The glaciers have retreated much more from our last visit seven years ago. We had stopped for coffee on the way up, and whom should we encounter but Dick Houghton, who used to own Durham and Newmarket hardware stores, and his wife Lainie. Day 2, we drove the Bow Parkway, the old road which parallels the highway, from Banff to Lake Louise. Beautiful. But we gave up on getting into Lake Louise; it was full by early ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Bozeman August 28th 2019

Today was another driving day as we were supposed to get to Bozeman, Montana to spend the night before heading down through Yellowstone National Park. So we left Whitewood and drove through the rest of South Dakota, through part of Wyoming, and through Montana. Again it was so interesting to see the changes in each state and realize what crops they grew and how much irrigation was necessary. These are big time farmers out here and they have huge operations. I just can't imagine the amount of work going into their farms and the number of people it takes to get the job done. We stopped at Little Big Horn Battlefield and Cemetery. It preserves the site of the June 25 and 26, 1876, Battle of the Little Bighorn, near Crow Agency, Montana, in the United ... read more

The plan for today was made around the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, as we needed to be there for the 3:30 pm food hiding session. This worked out well as we always take the grand-kids out for 1 nice breakfast so we headed to Yellowstone for breakfast at the Old Faithful Inn. Grand-kids were on their best behavior, sitting up straight, napkins on the lap, using the flatware properly, no elbows on the table. Each kid acted as the etiquette police on the others. From breakfast 2 kids got the Jr. Ranger badges then watched Old Faithful and finished off with ice cream, this time from the Old Faithful Inn. We sat on the balcony eating our ice cream like we did with the older grand-kids many years ago. After one last eruption from Old ... read more
Ice Cream on the Old Faithful Inn balcony
Burying bear food
Bear tossing aside the rocks

We had a 14-hour drive to West Yellowstone, our next stop, and had paid for a campsite that we couldn’t cancel. But, after letting kids swim on Monday morning, shopping at Trader Joe’s and Costco, we got a late start. That meant driving not so far as we’d hoped on Monday and arriving later on Tuesday. We finally got into West Yellowstone just before the RV park office closed on Tuesday. I ran into the office with my wallet while Dale stayed in the truck with the kids. As luck would have it, Dale let kids out to play at the playground next to the office and he then got out of the truck. A bag of mixed nuts fell out of his door so he went to retrieve it and as he did that, shut ... read more
Grandkids Made Friends

North America » United States » Montana » Shelby July 30th 2019

Today we set out to visit a park that we have visited four times before. Glacier National Park. We left the hotel in Shelby at 8 AM and 59 degrees. It promised to be a chilly day in the park, but did not turn out that way at all. At Logan Pass it was 65 degrees. The sun was shining all day and the air was clear and bright. The drive to the park took us almost two hours. On the west side of the park is a town called Kalispell, and it is relatively close to the west entrance. But on the east side, there really is nothing much closer than Shelby. So we made the drive, through more construction and all, and got there around 10 AM. We saw a lot of farms with ... read more
Road to Glacier NP
Free range cows
Horses running wild near the roadside.

North America » United States » Montana » Shelby July 29th 2019

Today was little more than a moving day. We left our hotel at 8:30 and 53 degrees and headed south to the great old USA. There was no plan for the day except to land in Shelby, MT so that we could make another visit to Glacier National Park. This will be our 5th time. We decided to begin with a tour of the city. Calgary has a big city center, with lots of glitzy high-rises in glass and stone and shiny metal. And it turned out to be a lot bigger than I had imagined. Last time we were here, we stayed in the outer part of Calgary and never did see the city. Everything there looks new and shiny and modern. Even the condos and apartment buildings are ultra modern in architecture and design. ... read more
Calgary, AB
Calgary, AB
Calgary, AB

North America » United States » Montana » Missoula July 24th 2019

Some days I find it very easy to write this blog and other days I do struggle. It depends a lot on how tired I am and how inspired I get with what we did and or saw that day. Yesterday was a struggle. Hopefully today will flow. So here we go. We left Pocatello, MT at 8:10 AM and 73 degrees. And we spent a good deal of time fighting with the soft talking lady in the black box. She wanted us to travel to Missoula on the interstate. But that is not where you have the best experiences and see the best vistas. So we continued to argue with her and work around her for the better part of two hours, until she finally relented and let us have our way. And boy were ... read more
North to Missoula
North to Missoula
North to Missoula

North America » United States » Montana » West Glacier September 22nd 2018

After an all-night trip from Anchorage AK to Calgary AB and only piecemeal naps on two flights, the drive to Glacier Meadow RV Park in Essex MT on Tuesday, September 11, 2018, albeit short in miles, was onerous and wearisome. The drive and clearing U.S. customs went as smoothly as can be expected, and our post-sunset arrival at the RV park found us assigned to a site long enough to require only minimal set-up in the darkness – i.e., the electrical tether. We immediately settled in for a welcomed good night’s rest. Since I had given all the ketchup, mustard, etc. to our friends in Calgary before I placed the Bighorn in storage for six weeks, Wednesday found cousin Marilyn and me headed to the store for supplies as well as unpacking the suitcases and getting ... read more
The NPS Ranger Offering the “Bear Encounters” Program Was So Animated She Held the Attention of the Audience – Here, I Believe, She Was Growling Like a Bear
Dioramas Illustrate the Hardships Endured During the Portage
Black Eagle Falls – The Uppermost of the Great Falls of the Missouri

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