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North America » United States » Montana » Billings November 19th 2015

In the beginning of 2015 my family and I had all planned on heading out to Montana to visit Derik's family. In the process we were going to fish the days away, explore Yellowstone and hike up a mountain so large and deadly my life flashes before my eyes just thinking about it :P But I got a full time job and with full time jobs there comes the whole requesting for time off and getting approval and when you are technically still on probation you probably shouldn't be asking for a week off so the July hike of doom was cancelled. But we were not to be dissuaded from an adventure to the mysteries lands of Montana. I had been there once before with Derik but the weather was so bitterly cold I'm pretty sure ... read more
Lady elk
Little Bighorn

North America » United States » Montana » Columbia Falls September 29th 2015

Le scotch goûte le vent – Bernard Adamus I am proud of myself, especially in the last few days. I have found a rhythm that makes travelling like I do an almost sane thing to do. 50 to 60 miles on the first day, next day of hiking, visiting and meditation. And then we do it again. It gives me the time to both recuperate and enjoy the scenery, while covering the ground I want to cover. I also found out that the earlier I start my day, the less important hurrying becomes. I can stop in that cute town or take a nap or whatever; I know I will make it before the sun sets. Of course it depends on the type of road I have to face and the weather, but I like to ... read more
Seeley Lake, my Viggo is a romantic date
Swan lake
Highway 200 and 83

North America » United States » Montana » Bozeman September 26th 2015

Tout d’abord, pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas mon histoire. Je m’appelle Catherine, originaire de Beauharnois, petite ville situe a l’ouest de Montreal. Depuis mon enfance, je ressens que ma vocation est de faire evoluer les gens. Je ne sais pas comment j’atteindrais ce but. Je sais uniquement que cela passera par mon evolution personnelle. Il y a 2 mois, j’ai donc entrepose tous mon materiel d’appartement dans un entrepot. J’ai vecu a deux endroit differents de juillet a la mi-septembre. Mon été fut memorable. Mon desir de partir fut plus fort que tout. J’etais bien. Cependant, j’avais besoin de devenir heureuse. Sourire et ressentir le frisson qui accompagne ce sourire sincere. Decrouvrir des lieux avec les yeux de l’enfant en moi. Faire face a mes peurs. Ne plus craindre la vie, ne plus m’eriger de ... read more

North America » United States » Montana September 22nd 2015

Today we took a break from the parks and wildlife hunting and went to visit a couple of ghost towns. We did not have any special suits or ammo to battle any ghosts, but we went to the towns regardless. We did not get up early like other days and took our time through out the day. It was needed as we were all still tired from yesterday's hike.The route from our cabin to the ghost towns took about 1 and a half hours - taking us through Idaho for a bit and then back into Montana. We passed by lakes, ranches, cabins, pastures, mountains and some of the best scenery around. Montana roads have the best views and if all roads had views like that, I could just ride forever. We arrived in Virginia City ... read more
2 story outhouse
Where George Ives was hung

North America » United States » Montana September 20th 2015

Seattle,WA to Kalispell,MT was driven with a stay in Spokane,WA. 9/9/2015 to 9/10/2015Cancelled meeting Vijay S in Seattle as R and G had bad colds. Cancelled possibility of meeting Nikhil in Spokane (who had to drive in from Pullman) since we had no definite arrival time in Spokane. 3 loads of laundry were done in Seattle. Lunch at El Caporal in Cle Elum,WA; dinner was salad and fruit in BNB's motel room. R and Sudheer went looking for a place for oil change for the Transit in Seattle and Spokane without success. Turned out that it was for the best as we had a 20 mile drive on a dirt road ahead. We bid a sad ... read more
Glacier National Park

North America » United States » Montana » Beartooth Mountains September 18th 2015

Today was the beginning of this fall's wilderness trek. It began in Atlanta, GA and ended in Silver Gate, MT. After an early morning wake up, a visit through Atlanta airport, Denver airport and Billings airport, we meet up with our traveling companions. Along for the adventure this year is David, Peggy, Linda, and myself - all family and all eager to see what the week has planned for us. Being that most of the day was spent either on an airplane or in an airport, our only goal for the day was to drive the Beartooth Highway and stop in Silver Gate MT for the night. So after lunch, purchasing a few snacks - for snacks are essential on any trip - we did just that. But our plans were almost thwarted for Mother Nature ... read more
One of many spectacular views on the hwy
Our traveling party - it was just a bit windy up there
One of the most scenic stops we have ever made

North America » United States » Montana » Helena September 17th 2015

Colour me in gold – JP Cooper Golden leaves - Passenger ‘You’re bottomless with wonders, like a flooded quarry I could dive into. You’ll grow deeper, I’ll grow fonder. Love goes deeper than the fishes into you.’ -Nizlopi It is not true that the things you own define you. They say something about you, with the way you keep them, what had you choose them at first and how you use them, but it would be unfair to pretend knowing me by looking at my bike and bags. You know someone by the mark they leave on you. Knowing someone is a risky science; it is never absolute and it will never leave you. The picture will get more complex with time; but as soon as they give you their colours, they will stain your hands ... read more
Helena, the beautiful one

North America » United States » Montana September 13th 2015

Day 9 - Sept 12 Outstanding day in Glacier. The most outstanding views to date. At one time we were seriously thinking of buying an RV. We decided we are really hotel and restaurant people! After talking to some folks on the road we are glad we decided on buying a car instead. Many portions of this park are closed to larger vehicles. Our pictures say it all. Here's just one. We are spending the night in Kalispell and found a lovely restaurant playing old time music that we loved.... read more

North America » United States » Montana September 11th 2015

Day 8 - Friday, Sept. 11 Had an easy drive today from Helena, MT to Glacier National. We took the scenic drive and took a detour or two. A very enjoyable day. We drove the southern part of the Park, just on the outskirts to get a feel for our day in the park tomorrow. Our timing is lucky, a week ago there was too much smoke from the fires close-by and teh highway we were on was closed for several days. We saw part of the damage, but from the road it didn't look extensive. Makes me worried about we might see when we get to Washington State. Bob has been polishing up the car every night and his job has been to find the "proper" car wash to remove the bugs and dirt from ... read more
Glacier National

North America » United States » Montana » Helena September 10th 2015

Catherine, ma compagne de voyage arrive a Bozeman le 13 septembre. Il me reste 3 jours et je me trouve a la ville d'Helena, qui est la capitale du Montana. J'ai du temps a ecouler et 100 options devant moi. Il y a 'the gate of the mountain' qui est a une journee de route vers le nord. C’est une croisiere en bateau sur la riviere du Missouri pour admirer les formations rocheuses (pour la modique somme de 6$). Sinon, il y a ces montagnes qui bordent la ville que je pourrais gravir. Il y a ces forets nationales qui offrent de nombreuses randonnees. Helena est la premiere grande ville qu’il m’est possible de visiter aux Etat-Unis, alors il me faut l'explorer pour m'en faire une opinons. Il y a ce projet de blog, ces associations ... read more

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