Blogs from Lewis and Clark Caverns, Montana, United States, North America


Today we left Glacier and drove about 5 hours to the Lewis and Clark Caverns. We arrived at our campsite around 3:30 pm. Located in a very dry desert area of Montana, it was hot! Over 30 degrees Celsius. We unhooked the trailer, climbed back in the air conditioned truck and headed for somewhere cool -- the caverns. It seemed like a good plan ... but before we got to go underground, we had to walk up a very steep hill (a 500 ft gain) for nearly a half hour in the very hot sun. The tour through the caverns was incredible and deliciously cool! We’ve been through the caves twice before and they are still a thrill. The caves are filled with stalactites and stalagmites and many other wonders that our guide told us about, ... read more
Beautiful deer
"Snow cone"
Colourful formations

Entry 15: Lewis and Clark National Forest, Mont. August 1, 2010 Stranded at 7,500 Feet From T.R. National Park, Sophie the dog and I jumped on our first major interstate after almost 2000 miles—I-94. After 50 miles, in Glendive, we hit a desolate road, Route 200, which continues westward towards Great Falls. The drive offered astounding views of rolling, wheat-filled plains. I listened to the I-pod, playing more Dylan and Velvet Underground, snapping pictures at random out the window. Our next stop is Glacier National Park, but having not left T.R. National Park until about 4 p.m., we were again driving directly into the sunset. There would be a stop tonight in another National Forest, the Lewis and Clark. A rare double-rainbow, now a current cyber-hit on YouTube (A hippy-type guy in, I think, Yosemite, gets ... read more
Lewis and Clark National Forest Camp View
Till' the Cows Come...
Mountaintop Tree

Popcorn This is called popcorn. It grows on the walls of the cavern and is formed by the water pushing through the walls slowly and become what is seen here. It is better than a 1/4 mile up hill walk just to get to the entrance of the caves. The tour is so worth it though. My friend who went with me on the trip has rods in her back that are ready to be replaced - so it was not easy for her. It took us a while to get to the cave and then she held onto my shoulders and followed me through the caverns. The caves have been explored now for better than a century and they talk about how the early tours were. I can't imagine going down there like they did. ... read more
Water drips down the walls
Mile marker
Old Faithful

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