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May 11th 2011
Published: May 15th 2011
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We've worked at projectsWe've worked at projectsWe've worked at projects

on both oceans...and enjoyed both. This one happens to be the Pacific, at The Dunes, in Washington.

This is my last blog; Bob and I have decided to retire from RVICS, and spend our time with our grandkids (and their parents!). We have missed being involved grandparents, and we feel like the kids are growing too quickly to just spend a few weeks with them in the summer. Therefore, Southwest Bible Camp in Glenwood, NM was our last project.

I’d like to spend this blog reviewing the 31 projects that we’ve done, in 27 different camps, and with countless dedicated people, some with RVICS, some at the camps, and some with other volunteer organizations. We have received way more blessings than we’ve given, and for sure more than we’ve deserved. It’s been four years that we couldn’t even dream would be so wonderful. While we’re excited about being home fulltime, we will deeply miss the friends we’ve made.

Practically from the time we got into RVICS people have been asking us where we were going to live when we finished traveling, and we always, honestly, told them we didn’t know. Then Bob would add, “But it won’t be someplace where you need to own a snow shovel.” Look what happened with that statement! We
Our first project was in Alberta,Our first project was in Alberta,Our first project was in Alberta,

at a Bible College, and at the end of that year we worked in Prince George, British Columbia. We traveled through three provinces. We loved both projects.
forgot about grandkids when he said that…Billings will be our home now, and you definitely need a snow shovel there!

Another question we’re often asked is which project was our favorite. Out of all the projects, all the different locations, we still have to say we don’t have a favorite….we have two that we didn’t care for, but of the other 25, whichever we’re talking about seems to be our favorite! They were all so different, and so uniquely fulfilling. If we could only pick one to return to, I’m sure we wouldn’t be able to do it. And which state? We loved being near the ocean, but we also loved being in the mountains. Desert is not my favorite, but it has its own attitude when it comes to life in the spring. (but it’s sooo dusty!) The entire trip was a favorite.

Thank you for being involved in our journey and for your encouragement during the times I needed it. I’ve enjoyed doing this blog. Please walk with me through these past four years as I post some of my favorite pictures…not all of my favorite pictures, just some of them!

May you always feel
I'll never forget the smell of the I'll never forget the smell of the I'll never forget the smell of the

Redwood Forest. I knew the trees would be huge, but I didn't expect the overpowering, yet wonderful, smell of cedar.
God's blessings…..Vicki

Additional photos below
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During a side trip to San DiegoDuring a side trip to San Diego
During a side trip to San Diego

we watched a kite flying contest. Gorgeous kites almost seemed magical.
Can you see the jellyfish in the sand?Can you see the jellyfish in the sand?
Can you see the jellyfish in the sand?

We worked in Miami, and one day while we were at the beach (hey, we didn't work all the time!) the water and beach were full of jellyfish. We had to be careful where we walked, but it was a fascinating sight.
I absolutely loved the Everglades.I absolutely loved the Everglades.
I absolutely loved the Everglades.

They are so different than I'd expected...teeming with life, and water that is so clear. The plant life is so unique...we had a wonderful time everytime we went. In this picture the blue heron is looking down into the's that clear!
We saw the sunset in so many states...We saw the sunset in so many states...
We saw the sunset in so many states...

this one happened to be in at Shepherd's Hill Farm, in Martin, Georgia, but it was equally beautiful in a hundred other places where we saw it set.
We went into Mexico while we were We went into Mexico while we were
We went into Mexico while we were

on project in southern Texas. The following year while we were in Phoenix, we did not go in...times had changed in that one year. Bob's standing on the Mexico side of the line...I was on the US side.
While you might think I was in theWhile you might think I was in the
While you might think I was in the

White House, you'd be wrong! We were in President George H.W. Bush's library in College Station, Texas.
One thing we learned over the One thing we learned over the
One thing we learned over the

past four years is that God's people are active all over the country. People of all ages, from the young singles and young families who are on the camps to the people in their 70s and 80s that we worked with. The media would certainly have us believe differently.
This was so much fun!This was so much fun!
This was so much fun!

One of the tours we took (in Texas) had an off-road track where we could borrow their 4 wheelers and! It was a thrill! We all thought we were invinsible teenagers!
We saw rocks in sandWe saw rocks in sand
We saw rocks in sand

that was so fine it almost felt like powder, to rocks the size of these. Humbling, that's for sure. These were at the Catwalk in Glenwood, NM.
A grizzly that we spotted inA grizzly that we spotted in
A grizzly that we spotted in

Prince George, BC. She was on the opposite side of a two lane highway! We wanted someone to get out and see if they could make her stand up so we could all get pictures, but no one volunteered! It looks like she was interested in us, but she wasn't~~she was interested in eating! This wa in the spring.
Not all of the places we parked Not all of the places we parked
Not all of the places we parked

were this nice...we were in several places where we couldn't open our awnings because we were so close together! At more than one camp we were on the same water source, or sharing power, and had to be careful that we didn't shower at the same time, or all use our microwaves at the same time~
We were on project in northern FloridaWe were on project in northern Florida
We were on project in northern Florida

in 2009 when the shuttle Endeavor was launched, so we drove over to see it. I nearly cried! Overwhelming...
What an awesome organization this is.What an awesome organization this is.
What an awesome organization this is.

We've been changed by the sights we've seen, the friends we've made and the work we've been blessed to do. What an unbelievable trip these last four years have been.

15th May 2011

Even though I'm THRILLED with this change of plans I couldn't help but feel sad as I read this blog. You guys have seen so much and done so much, I wonder if "normal" life will be hard to adjust to. I can't wait to see what God has in mind with this new direction He's given you! P.S. I'll buy you a snow shovel :)
15th May 2011

I admire and envy your last four years. Enjoyed your last few blogs after Joan gave me the address. You have a talent for writing and making it interesting. Enjoyed the pictures also. I wish you the best of times with your kids and grandkids.
15th May 2011

Thanks for the memories
What a wonderful journey you had and then on to the next adventures. I like the way you think, sounds vaguely familiar. The people you have touched over the last 4 years (as well as all of your life) are much richer and blessed because of it - I know we are. I know we are all looking forward to spending more time with our kids and grandkids. Love you bunches!!!
15th May 2011

Good Luck
You have been an inspiration the last four years. You gave 100% of yourself and I think you received 200%. How about coming down to Buffalo for a day of golf? Let us know your address in Billings and enjoy spoiling the grandkids.
16th May 2011

Hi, Sara!
I kind of worry about adjusting to real life! We, too, are axious to see how God uses us. And we're excited! PS Why don't you just come shovel for us?! Then we could save money on the shovel!
16th May 2011

Hi, Jean!
Thank you for the kind words~~they have been enchanted years!
16th May 2011

Hi, Joan!
Yes, it's been an amazing four years. And I have no reason to believe that will change now! You have a blessed change coming in your life too, don't you?
16th May 2011

Your Retirement
We will miss seeing your smiling face from time to time. But will always have our memories of being together. God has truely blessed us. Enjoy your children & Grandchildren. Love & Prayers, Willy & Sharon PS. We will really miss your Blog
16th May 2011

Hi, Sharon!
We will continue to pray for all the teams, as well as the office staff. And who knows when we'll meet again!
16th May 2011

Hi, Peg!
Your summation of us getting twice as much as we gave is completely accurate! We will keep Buffalo in mind, although it won't be soon. We made an offer on a house in Blgs, it was accepted, and will close the beginning of June~~and if you think about it, we have NOTHING to put in a house! We'll be busy for a while!
16th May 2011

Congratulations to you both on yet another major, exciting life change! I must say, I'm glad you're going to be in Billings. I might just occasionally have the opportunity to see you there! I will miss your blog posts, but I'm so glad that you are 'coming home' to your kids and grandkids. Enjoy -- there is so much more ahead of you! Love, Lee
16th May 2011

I do believe that you and Bob have graduated! You did 4 years of high school, 4 years of college and 4 years of RVICS... I know that your girls and the grandkids are pleased as punch to have you nearby. Just think how wonderful it will be to just go to lunch with them whenever you feel the need for a smiling face (other than Bob's of course). Love and miss you, Margo
16th May 2011

Hi, Lee!
We are excited about being at an address! The question "Where do you live?" is so difficult when you're homeless! I would love it if you come through Billings! Take care of yourself, my friend.
16th May 2011

Hi, Margo!
That's a funny way to look at it! So this was like our grad school! What a great ride it's been; thanks for taking it with me.
17th May 2011

Thank you for the trip
Dear Bob and Vicki, Thank you for the wonderful trip around the country and in and out of places of adventure. We have enjoyed the ride and are just sorry we didn't get to physically join you while you were working. We still have visions of doing this when Bob retires, but by then you will be well settled in Billings :) where they do get snow - just not as cold as here! May the Lord continue to bless you both with good health and joy in your families. Thank you for your service to Him over the years. Take care. We will see you again - as they said in Australia - here, there or in the air. Love, Bob and Carrell
17th May 2011

Hi, Carrell!
Thank you for your kind words, and thank you for all the input over the years~~I think you've already been every place we were! We'll see you in Sidney, I'm sure!
22nd May 2011

I have really enjoyed your journey, friendship, and smiling face. May God bless you as you travel to the next season of your life. It brings tears to my eyes and heart to see you leave RVICS, but I know you have served well and your granchildren will be blessed having you around. Love in Christ Nancy
23rd May 2011

Hi, Nancy!
We are very excited about this new part of our life, but for sure we'll miss the friends we've met. We send our love to you both, and will keep you in our prayers.

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