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North America » United States » Missouri » Wildwood October 10th 2014

Ray and I left about 8:45 this morning on the first leg of our trip. It was a pretty chilly start to the day, but the weather warmed up nicely and it turned into a pretty day for about 2/3 rds of the ride. We booked west on I-80 for about 75 miles even though I hate riding on the interstates. (Interstates are for cars and trucks. Motorcycles are for the two lane roads.) But we have ridden all the nice scenery between home and Starved Rock many times, so we needed to make some time to get on our way south along the Illinois River. Just west of LaSalle, we headed south toward Peoria riding highways that parallel the Illinois River. Illinois is not known for spectacular natural scenery, but the further south you go ... read more
The Spyders

North America » United States » Missouri » Wildwood May 28th 2014

It is from this website you will be able to access my daily journals and pictures. My hope from creating this blog is to be able to communicate with you and share all the wonderful experiences Morgan and I will endeavor in which you have so graciously allowed. Love ya! Bee... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Wildwood April 5th 2014

Something I forgot to mention yesterday was the bridge of death we encountered. Our name for it could be considered a little extreme I guess however at one point I actually thought I was having a heart attack! There are a few road bridges in the middle of Chicago over a river which split in half across the middle to lift up for boats to go underneath. We saw one in action and had a discussion where I'm sure I read in a newspaper about some poor woman getting stuck in the middle of one when it lifted up and having a terrible accident where she died (We talk about the loveliest things!). Anyway it must have been about five minutes later when we were walking over one of these bridges. I was lagging behind taking ... read more

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