Lone Elk Park, MO / Laumeier Sculpture Park, MO

Published: May 13th 2022
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Today was AWESOME!! We got up early and got to Lone Elk Park before it even opened. I'm so glad that we did because as soon as we went through the gate, we saw two deer being cute together. After that we came upon a gaggle of geese, babies included, all cute and furry. And to think it couldn't get better, we came upon a herd of male elk. After this we came into the bison habitat area where we were fortunate enough to see a calf bison with its mother. It was so nice because the wildlife was accustomed to being around vehicles, so they were not startled. This gave us plenty of time to watch them and take photos. Plus being the first visitors, we didn't have to worry about being rushed from other visitors. You could drive the park in an hour, but we went around three times. On the second trip around we enjoyed watching birds and we're fortunate enough to see a summer tanager. This time around we also got to see a herd of female elk. By the third time around many of the animals were farther from the road and hard to see. We would recommend getting there early in the morning. After this we went to Laumeier Sculpture Park. This park provided a nice mix of art and nature. The sculptures were modern and larger than life. Now fingers crossed for some rest this afternoon before the storms approached tonight. The area is calling for possible gusty winds and hail tonight.

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