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June 6th 1989
Published: June 6th 2010
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...all apologies in regards to not writing in quite sometime...
i am enjoying the aspect of meeting all the different walks of life this country of ours has to offer.
our spaceship finally departed the wonderful city of savannah almost 2 weeks ago...slowed rolled it on over to mobile, alabama...where we weren't given the best of greetings. i'm not going to bad mouth the city, just gonna say at this time in both of our existences...we weren't meant to kick it off well. so we stayed for a couple of hours and made our way to New Orleans. it was our first time at a campsite in a hot minute. we spent two days there and never made it to the city. some of the campers were actually there taking HAZMAT classes so that they could get jobs to help with the oil spill. down side was, we didn't even get to make any fire. though, the cool thing was that a group of dragonflies took to our liking and kicked it with us the entire time. it was actually kinda cool.
we then made our way to kick it with some of the coolest people i've had the pleasure of meeting. phil, if you're out there reading ya man...we where in this town for four days...and again, never really made it into the city. except for the first night for some live music and awesome drunkenness...spent our time jamming on instruments, having great food cooked for us, beer flowed abysmally and had many safety meetings. if you ever make it out this way, make sure you pick up some boudin and add some crackling into your life...
we then left the bayou and sailed north...going from swamp/marshes to woods and farms is a nice change. you see the different type of vegetation and mingle with the good ole folks.
spent a day in memphis...said hi to graceland...then made our way off to find Jim Neallys...which the food channel raves as one of the best BBQ spots within our borders...and i'll be far exceeded our expectations...if you're ever taking 55 north...get off on 3rd street in'll see'll make your day...if happy dreams had a would be Jim Neallys BBQ.
we are now in st.louis visiting my brother Mickey...he's the oldest...

butch has now gained the nickname of Aquaman and Postman...wal-mart parking lots love us and we seem to treat eachother far as randomness goes...we still partake in what we can...

i apologize, kinda not in the writing mood...but know that i haven't written anything in a good while...

until next time....

smile often


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