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June 13th 1989
Published: June 13th 2010
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...still in st.louis...stayed a little longer than what we originally thought, has treated us well. my brother lives in the heart of downtown, on the 6th floor overlooking a very happening street. randomly throughout the day, we'll open his windows and city watch. its definately entertaining to say the least. the art of parallel parking...not many people seem to have obtained this skill...its pretty effin funny. the meter maid...what a fearless woman, she doesn't play games...if you ever stop by this city and use meters, stay on top of them. and last but not least, its fun to just shout randomness out to those underneath you. even better if you break out into song.
looking out of mickey's window...if you glance to the left, about two blocks away, you'll see a building called City Museum...and on the top is a ferris wheel and a huge praying mantis sculpture...being able to see this from the window is pretty cool. and for those of you wondering if we made our way over to this building...YES we did...spent a few pesos and had a blast...its like a McDonalds playground on for everyone...things to climb, to swing on, to slide down, to explore...overall awesomeness...again, if you stop by this city be sure to check out the Ciy Museum.
i read a slogan of the read....A baseball city with a drinkin problem...and it definately fits.
the cool thing about staying in a city for as long as we have so far, is the sounds...close your eyes and just listen...see how many sounds you can hear...completely different when you're out in the country. you hear more machines than you do nature. i dont mind, its one of those things you experience and understand the differences...
i dont know how many times i say this or will continue to say this...but the interactions and encounters with people, by far is one of my favorites. to hear their thoughts, laughter, and body language is such a great learning tool...everyone is different...and every city we swing through i see it bright as day. just engaging with people is one of my favorite things in the first place, and doing so while traveling puts it on a different level.
my health is fine and i have yet to have any always, my happiness is above par...the hair and beard are still growing, and so far i'm still enjoying it...
we will hit the road probably on tuesday and will work our way up north to chicago...danny is there for two weeks, and you know i gots to get my danny fix in...

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