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Published: June 1st 2012
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Welcome to my travel blog everyone! As of now I only have two full days left in the good old U.S. of A. How crazy is that? My mind is still not registering that this is all happening. God has blessed me so greatly!

A HUGE thank you to all my family and friends who have helped me get to this point. I couldn't have done it without you! Especially Telory, Ron, Tippy, Melissa, Mom and Dad. Thank you Telory for putting the idea in my head (my mom may have a few words for you later...hehe!) Thank you Ron for supporting me in every way that you could and constantly putting up with my craziness. I shall miss our long talks over our restaurant tour of Springfield. Tippy - thank you for taking on the huge burden that is Gracie and finding us a house and moving us while I'm away. You deserve the worlds biggest cookie! I expect to hear stories about all the crazy things my little princess does while I'm gone! Melissa - thank you for taking on my chunky monkey Charlie and throwing my party! Bubba will need lots of lovins without his Mommy there to constantly cuddle him but hopefully Sally will do some of that for you. =) You are the best sister EVER. Thank you Mom for letting me be a finanical succbus for one more year and especially for always being there for me. If you had a dime for every time I vented at you over my phone you'd be a billionare by now! Thank you Dad for encouraging me (and mom!) on this adventure. I'm sure we will have lots of European stories to share when I get back.

Now for my German thank yous. (That's danke to those of you who don't speak German.) Fran - where do I even begin? You have taken on perhaps the greatest task of everyone. Housing and feeding me for 4 and 1/2 months! This leads me to question your sanity...kidding! I know we will get along famously and have wonderful times together. Julie - you are, quite simply, my everything. I can't wait for all the spectacular adventures we are going to have. Thank you for being the beautiful human being that you are.

Well, tomorrow is my going away party and I am so excited! There is still so much to do before I leave on Sunday. It is absolute crunch time. I will post my flight itenerary before I leave if anyone is interested. I will be going through Chicago (which I think is appropriate since all the paperwork for my visa went through there) and then Stockholm! I'm interested to see what a Swedish airport will be like!

See some of you tomorrow!



1st June 2012

This is so awesome! Did you get one of those nanny jobs or did you decide to go a different route? Kind of jealous here either way! LOL Miss you at work!! Have fun and be safe!
3rd June 2012

Thanks Joanna! Miss you too! I am going to be a nanny. Pretty exciting! My kids are 6 months and 2 years.

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