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North America » United States » Mississippi » Gautier August 26th 2010

Wanna know why I haven't updated in so long? Possibly because of frustration! I just started writing a new entry. I had a few paragraphs written. Then the computer wigged out and I lost it all. :-/ Harumph. Ok, so maybe that isn't why I haven't written (although that really did just happen). I could say things were busy. Cause they were there for a while. But it did become less hectic. But then I didn't have much exciting news to report. And when I did, I just never felt like writing about it. However, two things have made me decide to write this now. First of all, my friend who is currently living in Japan and keeping a blog about her times there (who also hadn't updated in forever) finally wrote a new entry, thus ... read more
Sprayfield chick
Go free!

North America » United States » Mississippi » Gautier May 31st 2010

I wanted to write about my first time doing a frog survey, so here goes. It was about a month ago that I actually did it. Whoops. Sorry for the time delay. Anywho, on a wednesday night, around the end of april I believe, Scott was going to be conducting a nationwide frog survey on the refuge and so I asked if I could join him. I had choir rehearsal that night so I had to join him after he had already started. Ended up that by the time I got out into the field, he was finished with 3 of the points. The first point I went to with him, I thought maybe the frog survey wasn't really all that exciting. The spot was on the refuge, but very near the highway, and so the ... read more

North America » United States » Mississippi » Gautier May 31st 2010

For those who have been wondering why the blog posts have been few and far between for the past month or so, I am very sorry. Mainly, I've just been super busy with work. And when I'm not working, I just haven't felt up to writing. Anyway, lots has been going on. Even since the last time I wrote, in mid-may. We are still desperately trying to keep the chicks alive, but are not having much success. It can definitely get a bit frustrating, but even so I am still so glad to have this job. I know that we are trying the best we can. Hopefully by the end of this nesting season we will have figured something out that works. The main goal has been the nest barriers. The thought was build a barrier ... read more
Lauren, Ingrid, FB chick, and me
FB chick, inside pen
FB parents, outside pen

North America » United States » Mississippi » Gautier May 12th 2010

Phew. Sorry that it has been an age and a half since the last entry. I thought I was busy in the beginning, but the last month or so has just been insane!! I kept meaning to write and then whenever I had a down-moment I just didn't feel up to it. But I shall try to do it now. Things have been busy, but really really good. I still am beyond in love with this job. I am learning so much and everyone here is super nice and just wonderful. As we progress into the middle of nesting season, things really started to pick up. We have multiple nests going, and then chicks started hatching and now we are doing everything we can to keep chicks alive, which is easier said than done. The majority ... read more
jazz cruise boat

North America » United States » Mississippi » Gautier April 16th 2010

This was without a doubt the best week I've had so far here. And that is taking into account the fact that so far I have pretty much loved everything. Week started out normally, doing the typical stuff. Tuesday afternoon we built another nest barrier. We started and finished it in a matter of hours. Meant that we worked late that day (til about 5:30) but it was worth it. Wednesday after work I went to dinner at the church I have been going to. Met some new people, all very nice. Twas good. After dinner (and a bible class), I had my first choir rehearsal!! I LOVED it. I had forgotten how much I love singing as part of a group. And I think there may be some sort of unwritten rule that people in ... read more
3 cranes seen from the helicopter

North America » United States » Mississippi » Gautier April 9th 2010

The title says it all. This week went all over the place. It started out not so great. Some of the baby cranes we had found/seen the week before, were gone when we went to check on them. No sign of them or their parents. Not good. Still were trying to hold out hope but things weren't looking too positive. But Monday night two of my best friends from high school arrived to visit me!!! I was very happy. We went to ocean springs and walked around (nothing was open but they got to see what the town looks like, and to walk down to the gulf). Then we got dinner at one of the local bars that I had heard a lot of good things about but had not been to yet. I got this ... read more
such a cutie
sunset over ocean springs beach
with my friends outside the Shed

North America » United States » Mississippi » Gautier April 3rd 2010

Week 5 (yikes! how did that happen? I feel like I just got here!) was extremely long. Not entirely sure why, but it just seemed to drag on and on. The majority of the week was spent building nest barriers, and fixing nest barriers and other such physical work, rather than biology stuff. By wednesday it was getting pretty tiring. Both Ingrid and I just wanted to work with the cranes again! The nice thing was that Lauren understood that and she apologized that we had been doing so much of the same thing for days and that we hadn't really done anything with the cranes directly. But she also stressed the importance of the nest barriers and I get that. If they can help to save the lives of more of these precious Sandhill crane ... read more
Floating Egg
measuring an egg
Utah nest

North America » United States » Mississippi » Gautier March 26th 2010

This week started out well. After a frustrating time last week attempting to triangulate this one fake crane, I FINALLY successfully triangulated it and was able to home-in and find it. It was a little pathetic just how excited I was. =) Tuesday we worked on putting out posts around an area called Duck Pond, so that we can build a nest barrier there. It went pretty well, except that while trying to get the posts into the ground, both Ingrid and I popped holes in our gum boots. =( Now those are permanently our post-putting-in boots, and they are going to have to order us new ones to actually use most of the time. Whoops. Other than that it went well. We got a fair bit accomplished, although at the end we did go in ... read more
close-up of 2 crane eggs
Crane (W-28) sitting on nest as we approach

North America » United States » Mississippi » Gautier March 18th 2010

Still loving the job. Week 3 is coming to a close and as such, I am finding I have less to report so the blog posts may become less frequent. Perhaps only one or 2 each week. But we shall see. =) The majority of this week was spent practicing our radio telemetry. Scott put transmitters on fake cranes and stuck them in random places on the refuge for us to try to triangulate and then home-in on to find them. The first time I did this was extremely successful. My three points were so close to each other that they didn't form a triangle really... they practically all met at one point. So we just walked out there and found the crane right away. It was fabulous. I felt great. Since then, however, it has ... read more

North America » United States » Mississippi » Gautier March 14th 2010

INFINITELY better than Vegas. Let's just get that out there right off the bat. :) Saturday Ingrid and I drove to New Orleans to explore for the day. Lauren gave us directions and told us the general areas to go (and not to go) which was good. We got there a little after noon. Walked immediately to Jackson Square. It was just like I remembered it from when I went there with band in high school. Went straight to Cafe Du Monde and got beneits, at the recommendation of practically everyone (including AC). O.M.G. It was heaven. Sooooo delicious. And cheap! They give you a lot of hot, powder sugar covered delicious doughiness for only around $2. Amazing. Ate them overlooking the square. Then watched a pretty entertaining group of street performers. Then just walked around. ... read more
Bourbon Street
Awesome street band
balcony of restaurant

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