Day Forty...

Published: August 6th 2015
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…was a great day for baseball…minor league baseball. The Pawtucket Red Sox played an afternoon game. Every day is a great day for baseball, but today was beautifully sunny and warm. We hopped in the car with Kathy and headed off to Rhode Island. The states are all so small around here that it still gets me that you can drive for an hour and be two states away.

We dropped Mike off to get General Admission tickets while we went in search of parking. We found a spot along the road and set off to meet up with Mike. With tickets in hand we entered the park. It’s a typical minor league ballpark with seating down both lines and a grass area beyond the outfield fence for people to picnic. Our GA tickets would allow us to sit in the uppermost sections. Those sections, however, were already filled with large groups in matching t-shirts. We found three seats in a large empty section a little closer to the field.

Kathy went off in search of lunch while Mike and I held down the fort. We’d be horrible in battle. We were kicked out by a group of little kids in bright orange shirts…and their chaperones. We retreated to the concourse at the top of the stairs and waited for Kathy to return to where she left us. When she came back through the tunnel and began looking for us, she looked like me when I came out of a store looking for my car and not finding it. Her expression said, “I know I left them here in this section. Where did they go? Am I in the right section?” I was finally able to attract her attention and she climbed the stairs to meet us. Apparently today was day camp day at the PawSox. Oh goody. Kathy led the way in search of a new place to sit. Again, we sat in the non-GA seating. This time no lunch box-wielding, day-glo clad pipsqueaks forced us from our perches.

Mike recognized the names of a few PawSox players from their stints in the majors. None of the players on the Norfolk Tides (Baltimore Orioles AAA) rang a bell with Mike. The game did not go the Sox’s way. They played as poorly as their parent club. They lost handily, but like I said at the beginning—every day is a great day for baseball…even if the baseball isn’t as great as the day.

An afternoon game fit perfectly in our schedule. We were going to stop by Town Hall and see if Cousin Jill was there. She said she and Marsha go every week to listen to the music. Sure enough, there they were, right where she said they always sit. It had begun to rain and the show was cancelled just as we arrived, but we were able to catch Jill and Marsha before they packed up their chairs and left. We talked for a bit and I snapped a couple pictures. The rains continued so we parted ways.

Home again and instead of getting caught up on the blog I watched tv with Mike and Kathy. I knew the New York blog was going to be time consuming so I did what I usually do…I procrastinated. I’ll slowly get caught up, I promise.

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