Day Thirty...

Published: July 23rd 2015
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...laundry day again. Today was just a regular day, doing regular, non-road trip kind of things. These days become important when you're on an extended vacation. It's a time to decompress, not worry about having to be somewhere, catch up on some reading (or blogging). It seems mundane, but I appreciate days like this. Other boring home-type things we did: drove by Lorenzo's to see a car show, but there weren't very many cars--that was a bust, drove to Walmart to look for a vacuum (the one in the trailer sucks at sucking) and sandals for Mike--that was a bust, drove to Bob's (a clothing store) to find sandals for Mike--success! then celebrated at Peaceful Meadows for ice cream--ice cream is always a success.

The church in the picture is not far from where we're staying...short bike ride. Mike actually took this picture tomorrow (the 21st), but since I'm so far behind in blogging and I didn't take any selfies doing laundry, I decided to pretty up this entry with The Church at the Green.

Additional photos below
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