Half Way House!

Published: July 25th 2009
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I'm officially half way through my American Adventure! How exciting! It's the end of the two week session now and I am absolutely EXHAUSTED! Two weeks without a break slowly sucks the life out of you!! Luckily we get a two day weekend to recover!

This session we had two out of camp trips! One to a little river to do some kayaking which was kind of cool we saw a whole bunch of wildlife and kayaked around and ate in the boats and what not! I got super burnt because I kept reminding the kids to put sunblock on and forgot to do my own. It turned into quite a nice tan but now it's massively peeling off 😞 The other trip was to go White Water rafting which was really really fun. The white water wasn't massively exciting (up to grade 3 rapids) but we had a really good guide and we had a laugh. Also to get there we got to go on one of those real life yellow school buses! Ooooh!

This session was quite nature intense! A really rare turtle came up into camp and laid a nest of eggs. We phoned the environmental people and they came to collect the eggs to protect them from Raccoons and what not but they're going to release some of them back into the pond, some of them into our frog pond and some of them some where else! It was really exciting and the turtle was massive!! I also saw a real live beaver mooching along a gas station on the way back from the white water rafting which I thought was pretty cool!

Yesterday we went to Martha's Vineyard, which is a beautiful little island off the coast of the Cape. It has all these super cute little houses and lovely beaches! Apparently Obama himself is thinking about 'vacationing' there! It's really lovely! We also got to go on the oldest merry-go-round in America! It was really cool and the horses are all antique! As you go round you get to try and grab these little rings that come out of a slot and if you get the brass one you get a free ride!!! This was extra exciting because we sing a song at camp about it!! We sang it twice really loudly!! Everyone thought we were completely barmy!

Today I'm super excited because I get to spend the day with Desiree who is my friend from France. She lives in Providence in Rode Island which is just down the road from us! Which is lucky! I'm also doing some laundry because I officially have no clean clothes at all and then I'm having an early night so I can meet my new group fairly well rested. This session I'm having a Survivor themed group, based on the TV show. It should be really exciting. We have tribal councils and they learn how to survive in the wilderness and what not!

Anyway I'm going to have to love you and leave you because I need to grab my stuff from the tent and get some breakfast before Desiree comes and considering she's supposed to arrive around 9.30 and it's currently 9.24 it's going to be a bit of a rush.


(still no photos - I've found a card reader to get them up here but unfortunately all our computers have become massively virus infected so I'm going to have to fix that before I can get the pictures up because I don't want to infect my memory card...)


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