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July 13th 2009
Published: July 13th 2009
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So we've had a couple of weekends off now and I thought I'd fill you guys in on all the fun things we've been doing outside of camp! So the first weekend we went to 'Downtown Plymouth' and saw all the sights there. There's this place called Plymouth Rock where supposedly the first Pilgrims landed. It's a rock about the size of a classroom table shaped like an over sized pebble with a date on it... i think it might be 1625 I'm not sure... It's not as exciting as you might think. They also have a bunch of pilgrim style ships and what not and lots of little shops and ice-cream places and a beach...

We went to Boston last weekend to have a look around. We walked a section of the Freedom Trail where you can see lots of buildings related to the Civil War. We were amused by the fact that it appeared that the Americans had no other history apart from when they kicked us out but it was pretty interesting none the less! We had to take the T (which is their version of the underground) there and back and it was highly exciting. Particularly the part we almost got beaten up by white trash and the part when we sang camp songs really loud and got funny looks...

I also spent one weekend at a friend's house. It was really lovely because her parents are really nice and got us loads of fresh fruit and vegetables which was exciting because we don't get them at camp and we just hung about and Bean showed us round her town and we saw her high school and everything which was exciting because it looked just like one from a film... And then because it was July 4th we got to go look at fireworks and they were all pretty and it was just enormous fun :D

Camp is pretty awesome! It's great because everyone pretty much gets along with everybody else which is great! We also get to do some pretty fun kids with the kids, like this week I'm going white water rafting but everyone gets to leave camp at some point this week which is pretty exciting for us! It's actually a two week session which is slightly scary because by Friday you get so exhausted you just want to sleep the entire weekend. The rest of Camp has an all Camp nap on Saturday which sadly we miss because we're going off camp to kayak up a river... This makes me sad because I really wanted that nap... still should be good fun... hopefully we'll be able to schedule in a program nap on the Monday or something... we get a sleep in breakfast on the Sunday as well which helps!!

The weather seems to be getting nicer and nicer as well which is awesome particularly as I have a water themed program this week and much as I love swimming in the rain, at camp Hypothermia is not your friend. It was bad enough when our kids got what we affectionately named 'Gypsy Plague' last week... That was definitely NOT fun... or as they would say here... way way bad...

It's funny because quite a few of the British staff have started talking about things using the American terms simply because the kids don't understand our ones. Favourites include; Flashlights, Trash, Sweatshirts and Pants... this last one is still making me giggle... hahah... The first week when I had the Brownies it was really cute because they translated me for the other girls! I really enjoyed working with the Brownies, I've been with Teens since. The best thing about working with the younger kids is that they all go to bed at 9 which means you get to sleep at about 9.30. When you have the older kids you realistically aren't in bed much before 11 which makes me sad (and even more tired!!!)

Anyway I'm drawing to the end of my time off period. Hopefully this week I'll get more time off because I have a group of girls with another counselor rather than by myself which makes it a lot easier to schedule time off, or 'paperwork' as it's called here.

Write soon I hope!


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