Travels in Time and Space (ish)


Travels in Time and Space (ish)

I'm going to America on the 13th June to do Camp America after which I'm doing some traveling

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I'm officially half way through my American Adventure! How exciting! It's the end of the two week session now and I am absolutely EXHAUSTED! Two weeks without a break slowly sucks the life out of you!! Luckily we get a two day weekend to recover! This session we had two out of camp trips! One to a little river to do some kayaking which was kind of cool we saw a whole bunch of wildlife and kayaked around and ate in the boats and what not! I got super burnt because I kept reminding the kids to put sunblock on and forgot to do my own. It turned into quite a nice tan but now it's massively peeling off :( The other trip was to go White Water rafting which was really really fun. The white ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston July 13th 2009

So we've had a couple of weekends off now and I thought I'd fill you guys in on all the fun things we've been doing outside of camp! So the first weekend we went to 'Downtown Plymouth' and saw all the sights there. There's this place called Plymouth Rock where supposedly the first Pilgrims landed. It's a rock about the size of a classroom table shaped like an over sized pebble with a date on it... i think it might be 1625 I'm not sure... It's not as exciting as you might think. They also have a bunch of pilgrim style ships and what not and lots of little shops and ice-cream places and a beach... We went to Boston last weekend to have a look around. We walked a section of the Freedom Trail where ... read more

Super quick update. I didn't get to to publish the last entry because we had a LBD just as I was finishing. An LBD is NOT fun. It's a Lost Bather Drill which means we have to leg it to a central place and drop off our kids and then run to the lake and wade around in the water until we find the drowning child or everyone has responded to the drill depending if it's a practice or not. We've had two so far and I've been pretty lucky. The first time I got there first and I got to stand on the side and shout out orders and the second time we'd scheduled time up at the EDC and we get to stay up there unless it's a real emergency. So the kids have ... read more

So staff training has been and gone and so far I'm loving it. we live in these big tents with 5 other staff members in, for training we have been in teams and we have basically been the kids and tried out all the activities as well as doing more serious training. Everyone here is amazing and luckily we all seem to get along really well. We just all spend so much time in hysterics. While we're here we all have to pick a camp name so the kids don't find out our real names, for strange american legal reasons (the same ones where you have to ask whether you can help someone before treating them for first aid and the same one why our first aid trainer got SUED for breaking a child's ribs while ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston June 13th 2009

I'm heeeeeeeeere (ish). This ish part is because i'm not entirely sure where exactly I am. I know I'm not where I'm ending up. But I also know that I am supposed to be here till tomorrow when we go to actual real live camp!! Happy days!!! Some of you will be pleased to know, (and many surprised) that the whole journey went pretty smoothly. I mean other than a minor pineapple related incident it was all marvy. (The pineapple exploded in my bag, which means everything smells faintly of pineapple which so far isn't too much of a problem but i'm imagining fly infestations already). I met a couple of other girls who are going to my camp on my flight which is awesome! On the plane I watched 'He's just not that into you', ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York June 8th 2009

This is my first ever travel blog entry. The purpose of this entry is two fold: to explain myself and to have a practice blog post. (I have just realised I sound ALOT like I'm writing an English essay - target: lighten up) Explanations I accidently created this account back in January when I was trying to comment on one of Beth's posts. Which doesn't bode well for my ability to use this shibaz but I'm sure it'll all work out fine. Ok so the main point of this blog is so that you people can see what I'm up to. I should be able to update this fairly regularly since I am reliably informed we have internet access at Camp. Although this is obviously dependant on time off etc. I do actually have another blog. ... read more
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York Minster

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