Days 8, 9, 10 at the Berkshires

Published: June 23rd 2017
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The Appalachian trailThe Appalachian trailThe Appalachian trail

This was one of the prettier trails we have seen. It was lined with little Christmas trees.
Geo: 42.5431, -73.3242

When you take a vacation for more than a week, you undoubtedly will end up with some down time, unless that is, you have unlimited funds. So, the last 3 days have been just that for us, down time. Because of this, I am combining these pretty uneventful days into one blog entry. I am not knocking those of you who enjoy this form of vacationing, I just think 3 days was our limit. Surprisingly, we have not even come close to killing each other. We basically explored the nearby towns, and hung out by the pool. I did sneak a workout in one day, and we participated in a game of Bacchi ball with the event coordinater.
The history in this area is quite amazing to see. The town right next to us is celebrating their 250 year anniversary. An old cemetery sits on the side of the road with gravestones dating back to the early 1800's. We drove up to a nearby peak of Mount Greylock, the highest mountain in Mass. Unfortunately, we were in the clouds at the top and were not really able to see much below. It was neat to walk on parts of the Appalachian trail which I have been on much further to the south. To think people walked from Georgia to here and beyond is incredible. Tomorrow, Wed, we plan on going mountain biking. After much searching, we were able to find a location to rent bikes and a ski slope to ride. It should be fun, or at least entertaining. We have the rest of the trip pretty planned out, which is nice to look forward to after "chilling" for so long. I will leave those plans for the future blogs. Besides Alex randomly attacking me multiple times in the condo, we have maintained a low profile. One evening though, I looked out of my balcony door and saw a lady on her balcony across the way, on the wrong side of the railing, looking like she was going to jump. It was at this point that I had two choices. Quietly watch the disaster unfold, but have a much better story to tell, or interrupt and see if my assistance was needed. The suspense of why she was doing this caused me to go with the second choice. Apparently she and her friend locked themselves on the balcony and she was planning to jump from the 2nd floor to the ground below. Now I think some wine was involved in helping that plan along so I offered to call the front desk and have someone let them in. Unfortunately, again only for the story telling, she chose this option. As she was climbing back, she fell off... sorry, that didn't happen. They came and let her and her friend back in the room.
Any way, off we go, we have a movie to watch. Hopefully this one will be better than the last 2 Alex has picked.

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15th July 2015

Congratulations! Your trip has been featured!
15th July 2015

Woot, woot! You got featured in travepod. Nice!!! Where is the picture of the lady? You'r trip thus far sound fantastic even with down time. I personally would like more photos. I miss my boy terribly and it makes me smile to see phot
os of him. :)
15th July 2015

Often taking the time to just explore can me some of the best moments of a trip.. Nothing wrong with chillin...keep us the blogs
15th July 2015

:) :) :)
15th July 2015

That's so cool! You made it to the famous Appalachian Trail!!!

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