Searching for lighthouses...The Cape in Winter

Published: January 2nd 2011
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Happy New Year to our blog friends
The Cape in winter…..searching for lighthouses. You may need to click on a couple of the photos to enlarge.

We are carefully walking with our heads down looking at the great granite boulders as we head out on the jetty in the direction of the lighthouses. The squawk of the seagulls can be heard all around, along with the swooshing of the water lapping against the jetty. We stop to look up at the sky, water, birds………we look down as we take steps on the jagged rocks.

They have piled these massive granite boulders to create this walkway but you really have to pay attention to where you place your feet, as the rocks are uneven and there are gaps between the boulders. One false step and a ligament could tear or worse….a broken bone from a slip and fall. Many times you have to jump the gap and hope you don’t lose your balance.

Our goal today was to see the two lighthouses in Provincetown, Massachusetts. This town sits at the Northern tip of Cape Cod. It’s a lovely town, very popular with the locals and tourist because of the isolation and beauty of the location. History
Highland LightHighland LightHighland Light

Truro, Massachusetts
reveals that this is where the Pilgrims may have first landed, but decided to press on to Plymouth. Grab a map and take a look at the Cape and move your eyes to the tip of the “elf-like boot” on the map and that is Provincetown. Great place to visit and hang out.

The sun is bright on this 2011 New Year’s Day. It is a great opportunity to go exploring on Cape Cod because it reached 54 degrees! This is the warmest New Year’s Day in a long time. The temperatures are 15-20 degrees above normal so many people are enjoying the outdoors. These unexpected temperatures make you feel alive.

On New Year’s Day it is always nice to do something you love so you can reflect on the past year and set goals and dreams for the year to come. It is a day of great hope.
Each year in addition to wishing for world peace and good health we discuss travels for next year. Oh heck, we usually discuss travel for the next 3 to 5 years.

If you start at the jetty by the Provincetown Inn you can walk on these boulders for what looks like about two miles to an island or inlet that has two lighthouses on it. You will find the Long Point Light and the Wood End Light. They are lovely to look at from afar which is what we did. We took several photos and talked with others out on the jetty. As we spoke to people who were heading back in we had not encountered anyone who had walked all the way out to the lighthouses today. Most were doing what we were doing and going about half way. Our need was met by enjoying the sunshine, listening to the gulls, being surrounded by water and quiet on this warm day in January. What a great way to begin a new year.

This area is known for its hiking and biking trails. The Cape Cod National Seashore is comprised of 43,604 acres. According to the local guidebook there are over 40 miles of breathtaking shoreline and acres of unspoiled ponds, wetlands, meadows and forest.

We found a rather deserted beach on the NE coast of the island with a petrified tree calling our names. We let Miss Lillie out of the car (our dog) and had a wonderful picnic lunch looking at Cape Cod Bay and the Race Point Lighthouse off in the distance.

In addition to lighthouses on the Cape there are several windmills. On an outing to Chatham we ran into one that was very disappointing and not really worth the time or effort to track down but we have seen photos of 3 or 4 others that we hope to visit while we are still in the area.

We enjoyed a few amazing sunsets in our time here. Hopefully you will enjoy the photos. The colors are vibrant.

After seeing the Race Point Light, the Long Point Light and the Woods End Light the only one left on our list for today was the Highland Lighthouse in Truro, which is the oldest lighthouse, 1857, on Cape Cod. At this point we would love to rattle off a history of all 4 of the lights that we have seen today but we worry about you dozing off. If you have a keen interest in the lighthouses this information can easily be googled.

We do want to share that the Highland Light was moved back from its position at the
Miss Lillie on the beachMiss Lillie on the beachMiss Lillie on the beach

That puppy still loves running on the beach in her old age.
shore in 1996. The grounds in this area have been eroding since 1797—sitting 120 feet above the shore they decided it should be moved back nearly 500 feet from the shore so that it did not tumble into the sea. Now the lighthouse sits in the middle of a links golf course, which is rather unique. And from there you can see the Jenny Lind Tower, which is a 55-foot granite tower once part of the Fitchburg Railroad Depot in Boston.

On our drive back we stopped from coffee. All in all this was a great way to start any new year. We are feeling pretty positive about 2011 and what it has to offer.

Additional photos below
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Fun driveFun drive
Fun drive

Imagine driving the length of this road. About 6000 KM if you convert from miles.
Woods End LightWoods End Light
Woods End Light

Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA
Long Point LightLong Point Light
Long Point Light

Provincetown, Massachusetts
Magnificent colorsMagnificent colors
Magnificent colors

Atmosphere plus light equals great vista.
Cape CodCape Cod
Cape Cod

National Seashore
Nice beachfront propertyNice beachfront property
Nice beachfront property

sunset reflecting in windows

2nd January 2011

Great writing and photos. Feel like I was jumping the gaps along with you. Love the beach writing. I have a treasured photo that Bill took writing in the sand of Kodiak Island. Make this the best year ever!
2nd January 2011

Lovely descriptions
Ahh, you're doing it again! Here I am in Memphis in the middle of the country and your decription of my home state is a bit heartbreaking. Hope you have found The Donut Shack in your travels( you passed if on Rt. 6-right hand side going towards Provincetown). My friends Susan and Jane Fleming run it. The jetties are not there as walking paths although it is nice to walk them out to their ends. The primary purpose is to slow beach erosion by becoming wave breaks and slowing down the washing away of the sand on the beaches. Enjoy a MA winter! Carolyn
2nd January 2011

Good information
Carolyn, I love your comments. You continue to educate me on your home state. We did not stop at the donut shop yet because it was New Year's Day but plan on hitting it before we leave. I will tell your friends hello! Merry and Dave
2nd January 2011

We just love Miss Lillie she looks great Thank you. we loved it up there I think that was another place like maine lobsters are great. Happy New year to you both and Miss Lillie. Fondly Mildred and Hank
2nd January 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR to the traveling pair!!!! Miss Lilly looks like she is having a grand time! Jack and I spent a week living in my home here at the beach and spent New Yrs Eve at a couple of parties on our block. Low key but enjoyable. Heading back to my assignment in Sumter, SC today while Jack travels back to Sterling, VA. I will be in Sumter through April if all goes as planned. Not much to do here but I can be home in three hrs. Plus I don't spend a lot of unnecessary money on thing like going to the mall here. The girls (Jodie and Danielle are happy little doggies and we all enjoyed our week together as a family. Hope to do this full time one day. Glad you three had such a wonderful time!!! Love, Susan
2nd January 2011
Travel Blog

Very creative! :-)
2nd January 2011

Thank you.
We like creativity
3rd January 2011
Amazing sunsets

Wow such a beautiful picture.
3rd January 2011

Searching for lighthouses
Amazing sunsets! Nice beach! I stayed in a lighthouse in Croatia, last April. It was a great vacation, surrounded by tranquility, the sounds of weaves and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Happy New Year from Romania!
3rd January 2011

Thanks Chris and Nikki
Happy New Year. Can't wait to read about your 2011 travels. Thanks for reading the blog.
5th January 2011
Travel Blog

Hello and Happy New Year!
8th January 2011

Great photos!
22nd January 2011

I feel as if I were there...
Your descriptions, photos and upbeat attitude about traveling make me want to go on a trip IMMEDIATELY!! I love the Cape but have only been there during the summer. It looks like it could be a year round destination! I appreciate your stories about Massachusetts because I'm from there myself. Thanks! P.S. I love corgis!

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