Stuck in Boston Airport

Published: June 26th 2005
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Here's to another wild adventure!

So, I stay at Dave and Damien's (my St. Paddy's Day friends) place last night in Limerick after taking a flight back to Limerick from Paris, then take a bus this morning to Shannon Airport to fly back to the States. I bid my farewells with little event and manage to make it back to Boston just fine (I'm flying Shannon to Boston to Philly to Raleigh-- convoluted, I know!). Then things get fun. Seems there were some thunderstorms all over the East Coast and like everything was getting cancelled. So I spent the night at the airport-- yes, my first night back in the States and I'm in the Boston Airport.

Well, how else should one end such an adventurous semester? Just one more adventure, right?

It ended up amusing, to say the least. I was frustrated at first, but what's the use of that? So I made some fun out of it, enjoyed a little napping on benches and cots, and read a bunch, and listened to music. Annoyingly, the airport ran loud classical tunes all night over its loudspeakers. Fortunately, though, I discovered some ear plugs in the travel kit Steph gave me, and I enjoyed listening to a muted version of my CDs without the outside interference.

So I didn't sleep much, and I already miss Ireland and all I had there, but I think I will be glad to finally be home. It's strange not having all the accents around me, but I suppose I'll get used to it! It's good to be in the States again, though. Ireland will always hold a special place in my heart, but it's time to move forward from that! In the meantime, it's time for reflection...

Things from Ireland I'll miss, in no particular order:
Pub and music culture
Christian Union
Friends I've made
The weekend trips
The green and lively landscape
The sky (the clouds are outstanding)
My house
My attitude... it was nice only being pass/fail on all my classes!
The Irish people
AND who knows what else? I can't even think of it all!

Best memories of Ireland semester
Picnic on the Shannon
All my international friends
Rome and Pompeii, meeting Virginie, all my weekend trips (and the longer ones!)
Maria, Damien, Dave, and their various forms of entertainment
Seeing Star Wars with like 5 different nationalities represented
Irish tea!
Dinners with internationals
Meeting Seamus Heaney
Swimming with Audrey
...Ah, there is so much-- I could never write it all down!

As for my France observations...
--All the French I met were very nice to me, even on the train when I looked like I smuggled myself aboard with a cheaper ticket!
--They really do love bread and carry around baguettes regularly.
--I love the French language-- it's beautiful!
--Okay, not all the French are winos, I promise. BUT they do seem to enjoy wine on occasion: at the pizza place we went to the last night, they had bottles of wine next to the sodas; at the fete, they sold bottles of wine for 5 Euros, and believe me, the bottles were abundant; at Virginie's parents' house, there were 3 types of wine to choose from and at least a couple brought ot the dinner table.
--Well, there's more to observe, but that's enough for now!

Kelly was right-- life is strange. But it's strange in a wonderful and awesome way. I feel light years beyond where I was in January-- my heart is stronger and bigger, and my faith is stronger as well. I've learned a lot this semester, and I'm grateful to God for being able to have the opportunity to do so. God has taught me to appreciate each day, each breath, each word passed with another human being. And every moment spent with him. He's taught me that there is more to life than my ambitions and perfectionism. He's taught me to trust Him, despite low bank account balances (I pretty much scraped bottom this semester!) and no idea what I was doing when I got to Ireland! I've seen multitudes of love from others, experienced a variety of cultures and learned how different we all are but also how we all have a deep, shared humanity beyond culture and nationality. People all have needs, it seems-- very similar ones-- despite differing ages and countries of origins. I've also learned how different perspectives teach so many different things and help one to understand people and the world better-- and to love more fully.

So, of course, it was a tremendously positive experience overall. Humongously positive! I will always fondly remember this semester, but I hope it will bring about changes in my life in the US that will be lasting and far-reaching, even if only subtly and hopefully always positively. What a blessed semester I've had! But now I look forward to each moment and breath God holds ahead for me. Each moment, no matter where I am geographically, is a blessing and a gift-- may I always remember that!

What a wonderful world!


26th June 2005

What a wonderful ending entry! I have absolutely loved reading about all your adventures in Ireland and Europe. I'm so glad you have come to have a greater faith as well and am very happy for you. I can't wait to see you in August!

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