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June 6th 2005
Published: June 26th 2005
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Here's the rest of the Bordeaux trip... bon appetite!

Yesterday, I got up at 9AM, had a nice breakfast, and wandered into the city to find a gift for my wonderful host. I went down to the walking mall area again but veered off onto some back streets that ended up being quite lively, too-- I think I wandered into a more Asiatic sector of town by looks of the restaurants and such. It was great-- quite a different aspect than the stuff I'd seen earlier. I ended up buying a plant there for Nini. The shopkeeper at the plant store tried to talk to me in French, and I kind of understood, but mostly gave him blank looks and said "oui oui" a lot, though I had no idea what he was talking about. He figured out I didn't know what he said, though, but was still really nice and said "thank you" and "good-bye" in English as I left. At least I figured out how to ask "how much is this?" en Francais ("C'est combien?")!

I wandered a little more after that and bought my last fromage panini and a nutella crepe. Then I went back to
Virginie and IsabelVirginie and IsabelVirginie and Isabel

Sisters in Bordeaux!
Virginie's and tried to write a letter to her in French to thank her for everything and to give with the plant, which I finished that evening. Then, Isabel, her friend Alex, Virginie, and I went to Isabel's friend's house on a vineyard. The friend and her boyfriend were remodeling a house on the vineyard (where the boyfriend works), so I got to tour the wine cellar and the place where the stuff ferments. The vineyard was vast and beautiful-- the countryside is gorgeous!-- and the buildings and houses were lovely as well! I was jealous that people actually live in such beautiful places! It's like the stuff you see in the movies!

Then, that evening, Nini, Isabel, and I went to Leah's dance recital (she does hip-hop), which was way cool and brought back a ton-load of memories of my own dancing childhood. It was fun, though, and it was great to see some dance again! Afterward, we bought pizzas and went back to Isabel's house to was DIRTY DANCING yet again (en Francais this time). Nini and I had to leave before it was done, though, because I had to get up at 5:30AM for the train
Pedestrian StreetPedestrian StreetPedestrian Street

Bordeaux, France
to Paris this morning!

Well, I'm too tired to write anymore right now, so I'll finish up later with some observations once I have some energy back! Anyway, it was one of the best trips of my life, and I'm SO glad I had the chance to take it. I'm just exceedingly blessed to have such a wonderful friend as Virginie and so blessed to have met and visited with so many of her wonderful friends and family. Yay!


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