East Coast Tour - Day 6

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July 4th 2016
Published: July 7th 2016
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Cousins on an ATVCousins on an ATVCousins on an ATV

Michelle, Avery, and Alyse riding the ATV through the cane fields. Yes, Michelle is growing up!
Day 6 - Houston to Broussard (4th of July)

This morning we spent some time after breakfast in the pool and then started our next leg of the journey. We were headed to Tony's Aunt and Uncle's place in Louisiana. We finally were headed into a new state with our trailer which means a new sticker! The drive itself was pretty uneventful. We took minor highways when possible and saw how the architecture changed as we got closer to the gulf. There were some pretty terrible roads but we made good time and got to the house in the late afternoon. Tony's Aunt, Uncle and two cousins were there. We had a good time catching up with everyone and Michelle had a chance to drive an ATV through the cane fields and play with her cousin, Avery, in the not so hot tub. We also headed out to get some REAL fireworks before dinner. Tony was like a kid in a candy store and even with the deep discounts we walked out with over $100 worth of fireworks. Uncle Chris put together a great BBQ of boudin and bacon wrapped chick thighs along with vegetables and corn. After
Louisiana BorderLouisiana BorderLouisiana Border

Wow, Texas was big. We are finally in Luisiana!
dinner we settled in and proceeded to blow stuff up. We had some pretty fountains, sparklers, roman candles, snakes, zingers, flashers and smoke bombs, M-150s, and mortars. There was only one small incident with a stack that had some fountains and a few small mortars. It turns out you really shouldn't put those things on a soft surface like grass. It tipped over and there were a few wild shots. One just missed Tony, another hit Uncle Chris and a third hit uncle Chris' truck. Michelle is still not fond of the loud noises and borrowed a pair of ear mufflers. After the fireworks were all done Tony and Michelle stayed up to watch the Juno probe reach Jupiter. Tomorrow is another long drive to Bonifay.

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Keeping CoolKeeping Cool
Keeping Cool

... in the .. um... Hot tub.
Tonight's EntertainmentTonight's Entertainment
Tonight's Entertainment

Boom. Boom. Big Bada Boom.

Avery was mostly fearless, except for a few of the large shells.
Blocking the boomsBlocking the booms
Blocking the booms

or is she rocking out to Metallica... hrm...
Let's light some fireworksLet's light some fireworks
Let's light some fireworks

A teaching moment amidst the chaos.
Putting on the Louisiana StickerPutting on the Louisiana Sticker
Putting on the Louisiana Sticker

After 4 years... a new sticker. I think we should go north on the next trip.

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