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April 10th 2011
Published: February 24th 2012
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St. Louis CathedralSt. Louis CathedralSt. Louis Cathedral

Located in front of Jackson Square
New Orleans!

Day 1:

Colby’s conferences have taken him to New Orleans for fun, frolic, and educational meetings. I have once again been allowed to tag along with him for the duration. But while he is flying I am driving myself there from Austin. Its a long 8 hour drive and mostly boring. I got a speeding ticket just to break the monotony.

The drive to Houston was expected. I've driven it before. After Houston though there is nothing. There is a long stretch through Beumont that is ugly as sin. Thing liven up just a bit after you cross the state line. I popped in some Lucinda Williams and timed it just right to where "Lake Charles" popped up right as I hit Lake Charles. It wasn't long until a cop pulled me over for speeding, not for singing my heart out completely out of tune.

As I got closer to New Orleans I popped in some zydeco to keep me animated. I LOVE zydeco! I love anything with an accordion: polka, zydeco, Tejano (don't tell my parents!) Its amazing how much zydeco sets the mood. I got into New Orleans late and headed straight to
Cathedral with A Lively Jackson SquareCathedral with A Lively Jackson SquareCathedral with A Lively Jackson Square

There was a Jazz Festival with plenty of music and food. It was a great time to be in New Orleans!
the hotel. Colby had won $4,500 at the Harrah's Casino and he spent big bucks on a hot dog for me. Hopefully I'll get a better meal the following day.

Day 2:

I spent the day alone while Colby did his conference thing. I toured the St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square where there was a jazz festival going on. I much prefer Dixieland Jazz over boring Cool Cat Jazz. Plus there was food everywhere! I gobbled up etouffee and remoulade shrimp and other things I can't pronounce much less spell. All were delicious!

Spent sometime at the city's well-known cemeteries. It’s nice to get lost in the maze of tombs and mausoleums. I then headed over to Bourbon and Royal Street. The older tourist come out during the day when all the younger drunks are asleep from the prior night's drunken revelries. I fit right in with my cargo shorts and camera bag.

I stopped by a couple of bars and restaurants that played live music. I loved this place that had a zydeco band playing. It rocked my face off. I could watch and listen to zydeco ALL day.

Spent time at the casino later that day with Colby. He played the slots and whittled his money away while I ordered free virgin pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris. We ended the night by feasting on oysters rockefeller and Cajun shrimp. My mouth had never been attacked as hard as it was that night. Cajun heat is intense heat! I loved every painful minute of it!

Day 3:

Spent the day at the Aquarium looking and fishes. Its an OK aquarium. I've grown bored with aquariums lately. Most seem to have the same thing. I need something different! Later went to the Insectarium and saw all manner of creepy crawlers and things you'd rather not get in your hair.

I gave Cajun food another try. I had a po'boy earlier and it put me in the mood for crawfish so I ordered a big ol' steaming pot full of crawdads...that melted my face off again. I am a glutton for punishment.

We ended the day with sightseeing at Bourbon and Royal Streets. The place was crowded full of people. It was a blast people watching and I even got myself a few beads, although I think she just felt sorry for me when she threw them from the 3rd floor balcony. The look on her face was all, "uhhhh...well...ok just this once."

Afterwards some drunk lady also came up to me slurring, " Why are you taking my picture, why are you?" While her boyfriend just gently tried guiding her back on track saying, "Come over here baby, no over here."

I LOVE drunks!

Day 4:

I dropped Colby off at the airport and then took a drive halfway through Lake Pontchartrain. It’s a BIG lake and I just wanted to experience some of it. It was time to go home though. I have a loooong way to drive so I am off. See you all around!

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Famous the world over!
Mississippi River!Mississippi River!
Mississippi River!

This is the second time I've seen it. Last time was in St. Louis.
Scorpion Fish!!!Scorpion Fish!!!
Scorpion Fish!!!

I want to fight it.
Plate of Hopping Hot CrawfishPlate of Hopping Hot Crawfish
Plate of Hopping Hot Crawfish

This literally burnt my face off!
Bourbon Street!Bourbon Street!
Bourbon Street!

It smelled like piss.

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