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North America » United States » Iowa » Iowa City February 1st 2015

Okay, after a long series of complicated events, I actually have my plane ticket! It's for tomorrow! I'm equal parts thrilled and terrified. I'm also going to miss everyone here so very much! It's times like these that I'm really thankful for the Internet and Facebook and everything. It keeps you feeling connected even when you're far away.... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Iowa City January 24th 2015

Hello all! I expect to be leaving soon, probably tomorrow, but I don't know exactly. I am ready to go, all packed, so it's just a waiting game until I get a notice that a ticket was bought for me. I can't wait to leave, but I'm nervous too.... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Iowa City August 31st 2013

Il était une fois dans l'Ouest....... Bonjour, sommes vendredi le 30 août 2013 : Avons quitté Montréal dimanche le 25 août après avoir bercé la belle petite Léia, petite-fille de 5 jours de Papigeorges; nous attendions cet événement pour prendre le large. Sommes présentement en direction de la résidence de la nièce de Georges (avons quitté le Indiana Dunes State Park à 50 miles à l’est de Chicago ce matin) en Iowa à Iowa City précisément. Elle y demeure avec son mari et ses 3 enfants, mari qu’elle avait rencontré à l’université du Colorado qui l’avait repêchée comme joueuse de volley-ball élite avec sa jumelle (6’4’’ les deux) dans le Rouge et Or à Québec il y a 8 ans. Ils nous attendent pour le souper et allons camper à côté de leur maison ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Iowa City August 19th 2012

This summer has been a beneficial learning experience for me in terms of my own personal goals and plans for the future. I have a better understanding of independence and adulthood. These first few years in college have taught me the cold, hard facts about the real world, but now I understand how it actually works. For example, I never understood why my parents would complain about having a long day at work and how stressed out they were as a result. After working full-time for eight weeks without pay I understand what it takes to be a working adult. I feel transitioned from adolescence to adulthood as a result of living and working in a foreign country. The working part made me realize the effort it takes to work full-time and climb the professional ladder. ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Iowa City October 27th 2011

*walking tour of the universities natural history museum to see the giant sloth *lunch at Oasis Falafel with Caleb's good friends *strolled around the farmers market *picked up treats at the Co-Op grocery store *listened to Caleb's dad play Jazz in mall at Eldorado Mexican restaurant *talked music, gnomes and culture at Caleb's friend Clancy's house *Pub crawl and tortillas on Wed. night with Tucker Klein and Caleb Bissel Long 1st day ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Iowa City September 5th 2011

After spending 3 days with my family in Indiana being wined and dinned to celebrate all our Sept birthdays it is off to Iowa today. The weather has turned cooler and is a profound relief from the heat of the last few days. It is 40 degrees cooler! I decided to take a secondary road to hook up with Rt 74 and was pleasantly surprised at the short time it took and the scenery I was able to enjoy. It was like going back in time in rural Americana with small farms and blink and you miss em towns. The wind was very strong but was coming from my back quarter so it was not blowing me sideways all the time. It sure was tricky passing trucks but I got the hang of it and ... read more
Photo 5
Caralville Lake
The dam

North America » United States » Iowa » Iowa City March 30th 2011

3000 kilometres of fields, cows, horses, windmills, truckers, trucks, truckstops, dives, gin joints, diners, and gas stations....I love it. Taking a break when I get back. Next stop Alaska, via South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta, BC, and Yukon. I'll keep you posted. H... read more
Omaha, Nebraska. Fun? WOW!
'nuff said.
Welcome back to Iowa

North America » United States » Iowa » Iowa City September 18th 2010

It’s tough, but since I started in my new job earlier in the summer, there is a bit of travel to the US required on occasion. Of course I overcome this hardship with true grit and a British stiff upper lip, and generally muddle through as best I can. But it’s not all work, work, work, there is time for a bit of a laugh as well, and as part of my career development plans, I have been introduced to the rather funny TV show, The Trailer Park Boys (ok, it is actually Canadian, and don’t show the kids!). It is most amusing and has lead to a bit of an obsession with trailer park life over recent weeks ensuring my latest trip to the US was going to be a bit trailer park themed. And ... read more
My first trailer park
Friday night in Iowa
The Man Cave

North America » United States » Iowa » Iowa City July 24th 2010

Entry Two: Chicago, Illinois to Iowa City, Iowa Miles driven: 255 (Thurs.) 49 (Friday) J.T.’s voice during his third Thursday phone call was “back to normal.” In the first two, groggy sleep and general pre-trip anxiety filled the earpiece of my new Sprint Evo phone; he had pulled an all-nighter overnight Wed. in a bar-soaked adventure with a friend. After singing live-band karaoke until 2 a.m., the duo were heading off to another bar when Wes, the now-drunk “starving artist,” squeezed the front handbrakes of his bicycle, launching him over the top and “face planting” into the Chicago sidewalk. A hospital visit, yielding 7 stitches, precluded sunrise cocktails and a memorable story. In any case, J.T. was now packed and ready to go. I packed up the “technology center” (which includes the laptop, the phone, camera ... read more
Blog author: Chicago Dave
Chicago 47th St. statue
Head in water: Iowa City

North America » United States » Iowa » Iowa City December 17th 2009

9 semesters down, 1 to go!! (Thank God) I have just successfully completed my 9th semester and am just 5 short months away from finally being a college graduate!! It's about time!!! Must to my surprise, this semester was probably the busiest one of my life thus far, which was a shock, seeing as since it's my 5th year, I really thought this would be a blow off year. Unfortunately, I was wrong... and spent most of my semester running around trying to juggle multiple classes and working 30 hours a week. But, like I said, only ONE MORE SEMESTER to go!! Life after Australia isn't as terrible as I had been expecting after spending a year there. But I think that as time continues to move on, I miss it more and more. Alot of ... read more

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