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December 17th 2009
Published: December 17th 2009
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9 semesters down, 1 to go!! (Thank God)

I have just successfully completed my 9th semester and am just 5 short months away from finally being a college graduate!! It's about time!!! Must to my surprise, this semester was probably the busiest one of my life thus far, which was a shock, seeing as since it's my 5th year, I really thought this would be a blow off year. Unfortunately, I was wrong... and spent most of my semester running around trying to juggle multiple classes and working 30 hours a week. But, like I said, only ONE MORE SEMESTER to go!!

Life after Australia isn't as terrible as I had been expecting after spending a year there. But I think that as time continues to move on, I miss it more and more. Alot of times I feel like people here are just living... they are just trying to get through each day and make their money... where as in Australia, I felt like people were ALIVE and really living life. Not to say people there don't work or aren't busy, but it really is a much more laid back society. Speaking of busyness in Australia, I definitely took uni there for granted. They had very few assignments and it was so much more laid back than school here in the states. That was definitely one of the reasons why I was so busy and stressed out this semester... American schools give you SOOOO much meaningless reading and busy work, it's crazy! I definitely missed Aussie uni's this semester!!

Anyways, my plans post-college right now are unknown. I have been looking at jobs along the East Coast where I could hopefully work for a year, save up some money, then move back to Australia for a few years. Or anywhere abroad really, but after this freezing cold weather lately, I'd definitely pick Australia over anywhere that gets snow!! So, we'll see where the wind takes me come May 15th... 😊


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