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North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 19th 2007

Hi thats me in Chicago! Eventually got here after a mammoth 24hr trip! Ive decided only crazy people take Greyhound! The bus got stuck in traffic and ended detouring through Squirrel Hill ( im still looking for it on the map!) and we were 2 hrs behind schedule. Which meant that we missed our transfer so they tried to divide us up into different buses but then evryone is just pushing and shoving. Its mental, they all scream at the driver and then at each other which is pointless. The driver just gets the police, who man most of the stations, and then we are all held up even longer! Someone was ill on the bus aswell so we had to stop and get off so that his wife could clean up the mess that ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 13th 2007

Our last day in Chicago! And we have finally given in, we are going to the Sears Tower, once the tallest the woooorrrrllldddd! And I still liked the John Hancock better. Our trip is ending and we waved goodbye to Chicago from way up there. It was a great vacation. I will have fond memories of Sue, Art, Pizza, Museums, a Billion Lights, Big John, and aching feet. We got on our train and experienced travel by cabin. The allure of it vanishes quickly! LOL But still it was quite the experience. Until next time! I can't wait to travel some more!... read more
Sears Tower Views
Sears Tower Views Again
Trip Home

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 12th 2007

Right, Chicago - strange as it may seem, I booked us a couple of nights in Chicago without really thinking about why I had done it, or what we would see there. I think my brain was still subconsciously tied to the fact that I had wanted to visit Chicago when I was a teenager, because it was where my favourite band at the time was from. My brain forgot that perhaps I didn’t really need to go there anymore, but too late for that now - we had made it to the Windy City! Day 8 My impression of Chicago (before I went there) was that it was always cold, rainy, snowy, windy, dark, miserable….you get the idea. Plus I knew it was on Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes. Vaughan had no ... read more
The Downtown 'Loop' & Chicago River, Chicago
The Wrigley Building (left) & Tribune Building (right), Downton Loop
Roadside Drummer, Chicago

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 12th 2007

More fun in Chicago! We decided it be a good idea to visit my dear friend the Hancock Building once again to see Chicago during the day light hours. It did not disappoint! The city looks great from up there. However, we spent the bulk of our day at the Filed Museum looking at its billion and one specimens and collections. Of course, the huge T-Rex in the Grand Hall dominated my visit. Dinosaur Sue is HUGE and we read about her in my 4th grade class. I took a bunch of pictures so that my students can see her from every angle possible. Plus so they can know that yes I did see Sue as well :) The boring peanut worm was my second favorite thing too! Afterwards, we headed over to the very free ... read more
Day Visit at the John Hancock
Posing with the Sears Tower Behind Me
Washing Windows

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 11th 2007

Day 2 in Chicago! Today is Museum day! We had an action packed day planned so we woke up early and headed over to the Shedd Aquarium first. My favorite animals were the beluga whales. They are so white! But their babies are born gray. Afterwards we walked along Lake Michigan to reach the Planetarium where we learned a lot about the planets and our universe. Then we headed over to Millenium Park to people watch and marvel at the mirror bean. Its such a cool sculpture! Plus a million people just walk around and stuff. Next we headed over to get a closer look at Lake Michigan so that I may stick my feet in it. I can now say I have stuck my feet in 3 out of 5 Great lakes: Ontario, Superior, and ... read more
Shedd Aquarium
Beluga Whale

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 10th 2007

We arrived in Chicago by train then took a taxi over from Union Station to the Seneca Hotel to check in. Its a nice room, elegant, typical from a bygone era. It will serve its purpose well. After checking in we headed over to the Lincoln Park Zoo because it is free. Its a great zoo. There is plenty to see and do. Plenty of animals, cats which are my favorite. Their gorilla enclosure is also great! I also experienced my first Chicago Style Hot Dog...and it has too much stuff on it. I am a simple hot dog man, just bread, wiener, bacon, and onions. Yum! After we rested a bit at the hotel we went to the John Hancock Tower Building, which is right next to our hotel. There were no lines and it ... read more
Family Picture
Nightview From John Hancock Building
Gothic Water Tower

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 6th 2007

Day 1Christoph Hall Tour word of the day: Masturbatorium (not sure how that one came about) Beverage of the Evening: Sierra Nevada So here we are on another tour. We have the same crew as last time (Myself, Brian, Laurie, Martin, and Edward). The Nebuchadnezzar has been getting quite a workout this year touring. 20,000 miles in 6 months. As seems to be the standard, Brian along with his girlfriend Julie, spent the days up to departure working on the bus. At 350,000 miles it's showing some battle scars but is running strong. Finding Vegoil in Minneapolis this time was a bust for the most part but we did find enough to get us to Chicago. We were in the bus for only about 10 minutes when the same old jokes surfaced. We enjoyed a breakfast ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 6th 2007

Today we visited Shedd's Aquarium. Nothing we haven't seen before but always entertaining. Highlights: the penguins (HAPPY FEET!), sea otters (they were playing together and making everyone go ohh and ahhh), beluga whales (there was one who was such a camera ham. He would go up to the people, stick his head out of the water and start making sounds), the seadragons (they look so cool-google them if you've never seen them before), and of course the dolphins (Sea World is better of course but Shedd definitely put on a good show.) We had lunch by the lake. You wouldn't believe how windy it got. I was so cold I got goosebumps (then again, I'm cold a lot of the time.) It was peaceful and serene and the perfect place for a picnic. We took ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 5th 2007

Hey! I'm in Chicago right now and the traffic is crazy! Makes you appreciate all the room and space we have back home. But the weather is fantastic: warm and not a cloud in the sky. I laugh at all of you down in Texas there in the rain! Anyways it's been pretty fun. On the first day we walked through what felt like all of downtown Chicago. Just walking and walking. My feet were sooo sore, but there were some pretty cool sights (it'll NEVER compete with New York though!) like Sears Tower, the place where they make the Chicago Tribune newspaper. Then we had lunch at the 95th floor of this huge skyscraper. The view was terrific. It's a good thing heights don't scare me too much or I would have been hyperventilating. ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 2nd 2007

I depart at 5:45 pm today from O'Hare--could not be more lets just hope my luggage isn't too heavy! Alli... read more

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