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North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago April 4th 2014

Landed in Copenhagen with the sun shining and the weather pretty warm. The flight over was only 1hr 45mins. We were all sat separate on the plane with steph in 3a, me in 3d and Kerry in 5f. Me and Steph had some 'interesting' people sat next to us. Steph had the 'smelly sleeper' who spent the whole time asleep next to her but apparently stunk like a 'smelly man' and I had what shall be known as the 'black widow'. It was a woman dressed fully in black who proceeded to kick back take her shoes off and put her black tight coloured feet up the wall in front and the pulled a black shawl right over her face with the window shut. Err thanks I didn't want it open anyway! But apparently Chicago is ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago February 7th 2014

We cannot believe this is the last day of Founder's Week. The time has gone so quickly and we have feasted on great messages from the WORD presented by speakers from all over the US. As you know, one of the things Lorraine was looking forward to was the music, and she has not been disappointed. We have heard all four of the music groups from Moody; Moody Men's Collegiate Choir; Women's Concert Choir; Moody Chorale; Symphonic Band Great Pipe organs in Torrey Gray Auditorium and Moody Church; and other groups and worship teams. So many wonderful memories.... read more
2014.02.04 Moody Church Organ
2014.02.04 Moody Church Organist
2014-02-07 Moody Church Stage

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago February 4th 2014

Monday and Tuesday nights there were special banquets for the Alumni. The first was our class or 1964 Banquet where we were able to meet graduates from our same class, and ask the question "What have you been doing the past 50 years?" What a wonderful time of sharing we had together. There were sessions all through the day at the Moody campus, a then in the evenings the services were held at Moody Church. What a feast of music and speakers we were able to enjoy. If you are interested in hearing some of the messages, go to: Sellect: Founder's week Select: Session Audion and Video... read more
2014.02.05 Moody Campus (1)
2014.02.05 Moody Campus (2)
2014.02.05 Moody Campus (3)

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago February 3rd 2014

The first events of Founder's Week did not begin until two o'clock in the afternoon. This gave us time to take advantage of the beautiful sunny weather a dn walk around the "Magnificent Mile" area of downtown Chicago to snap a few photos!!!... read more
2014.02.03 Chicago skyline
2014.02.03 Fourth Presbyterian Church downtown Chicago
2014.02.03 Fourth Presbyterian Church tower, Chicago

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago January 20th 2014

Hello everybody, this is my second and last blog from the USA. In Orlando I took Southwest Airlines to Baltimore and then continued to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here I spent a couple of days with my mate Jochem and his family. As the plane approached, the landscape was covered by snow. The airport was too full of snow. Jochem and his whole family weren't home yet, they were abroad and coming that same night so a friend of Jochem picked me up. I spent some time with his friend and later he dropped me off at Jochem's house. Jochem left me a key somewhere so I went inside, used the internet, ate and slept until they arrived. Grand Rapids has about 200.000 people and the whole area around the city has a big population consisting of ... read more
View of Grand Rapids, MI
Grand Rapids; just broke this icicle from a roof!
Arrival at Grand Rapids Airport

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago October 3rd 2013

Another early morning start didnt want to get up at the 6am alarm - Still tired from yesterdays adventures. Ready to hit the road just after 7am. CTA station is only a few minutes drive away and plenty of car parks available. Arrived downtown just after 8am...grabbed a coffee and donut and headed towards the museum campus ready to explore the Field Museum - a natural history museum. The museum is part of our city pass. We knew the museum would be huge as we have previously visited the museum of science and industry in 2011 - but were still blown away by the massive size of this place and the never ending exhibits over 3 levels. We were at the Field at 9.30am and left at close 5pm. Also included was admission to a ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago October 2nd 2013

5am early start today. We need to get to a park and ride station early to park the RV. Drove the 50 odd miles from Union to Forest Park and were lucky enough to find a park! Took us 2 hours of driving to get to the Park and Ride - Chicago traffic! Parking for the day was only $3. Navigated our way at the CTA - trying to work out the ticket vending machines-sometimes takes a Uni degree! Prices for the Chicago subway are inexpensive $2.25 for a 2 hour ticket. There are only a few lines - not like the NYC subway. Where we are parked is the final stop for the Blue line so it was a 30 minute ride into Chicago where we had to change lines to get to where we ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago October 1st 2013

Started the day with a 3 hour coffee drinking session at a local McDonalds - bills to be paid, photos to be updated, researching of upcoming destinations -all takes time but had to be done. We booked into a KOA (kampgrounds of America) in Union - Northwest Illoinis - we needed power and a laundry. This is the closest campground to downtown Chicago - 50 miles from downtown. The campground is in a rural setting with rolling hills, shady trees and certainly has a country feel. Only problem is - its 25 minutes drive to the closest train station and then a 90 minute train ride into downtown Chicago! This is down side of having a RV in an American major city with a population of around 3 million people! Never mind it gave us some ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 15th 2013

Today is departure day – the trip begins! Over the previous weeks we have gotten very excited in anticipation of today, but it is finally here. Yesterday was very busy with last minute stuff. The bags have been packed and repacked several times as we try to decide what to take. The cruise ship would happily allow us as much luggage as we wanted to bring, but that pesky airline has a more punitive baggage policy which requires careful selection of only the essentials. The final choices have been packed (one bag mostly packed with what we will not need until the ship and the other for the things we expect to use in London) so we are all set - both under 50 pounds. David performed a last minute mowing of the yard Tuesday, Janet ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 10th 2013

Great first full day of the Middle America road trip! Left Nashville yesterday afternoon around 1:30 and drove thorough KY, IN and stayed in Chicago. Highlights of yesterday would have to be the ginormous windmills along the interstate in IN, Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN & ice cream shake from Gihirardelli in Chicago. Stay tuned for today's highlights!!!... read more

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