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North America » United States » Illinois » Carbondale June 11th 2018

Today was a great day from the start! I have never understood the physiology, but some days one just feels stronger than others! It was a hot humid day, but that did not seem to matter. I felt very strong from the start and it never changed. When I began this morning, I was thinking I would put in two short bicycle days to arrive in Carbondale tomorrow as Bruce and I had planned. But once the ride began, the legs felt so darn good I just kept peddling away, and a mere 62 miles later, I arrived in Carbondale sopping wet but feeling terrific! And the best part was that I could get a cold 🍺 at the end of the day! I stopped for a bit in a Subway restaurant when I saw a ... read more
This home is for sale.  Looks like a fixer upper.
Not a lot of room but very few cars.
Lots of small ponds like this along the way.

North America » United States » Illinois » Carbondale July 27th 2016

Before saddling up and heading for home, we had to have the mandatory Carbondale breakfast at Mary Lou's. Mary Lou's has been around since 1962 when she opened her tiny grill right along the Illinois Central RR tracks. I remember eating at the original grill back in the early 1970's. Mary Lou's is a Carbondale and SIU institution and it is filled with pictures from SIU over the many years. There probably isn't an SIU student who didn't eat at Mary Lou's. We had a nice breakfast there all of which include the mandatory biscuits and gravy. I still think Mary Lou's is the best biscuits and gravy I've ever had. After over eating for breakfast, it was time to head north on US Hwy 51. Before the Interstates, 51 was the main north/south highway in ... read more
Words of Wisdom
Mmmmm, Bacon.
Mary Lou's

North America » United States » Illinois » Carbondale July 26th 2016

Since it is about 600 miles from Chicago to Heber Springs, AR, we planned to break the trips down and back into two legs each way. I have found that trips of about 300-350 miles are about the optimum riding distance in a day. When you ride the byways rather than the super highways, it always takes longer to get where you are going, but that's kinda the point of road trips, seeing all the little towns and countryside. Our destination for today is Carbondale, IL in the far southern portion of Illinois. This area is called Little Egypt because of the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers at the southernmost point of the state of Illinois. I think it's because of the similarity of the delta to that of the Nile River Delta in ... read more
Showing the Toad Suck Harley Shirt
Preparing For The Rain Ahead
Piggott, AR-95 Degrees

North America » United States » Illinois » Carbondale October 14th 2014

Amazingly, we awoke Tuesday morning and it wasn't raining. Today we leave dear old Trout Haven, Jim and Don heading northwest to Fayetteville and Ray and I heading northeast to Carbondale, IL. Our ride will be another roughly 330 mile day. After checking the weather forecast, it looked like we may have dry riding today. I went outside to take some pictures of Don's bike. It's a Harley Sportster, but you'd never know it. He bought it as a wreck for $600 and rebuilt everything on it. He added saddle bags and a trunk. He also added a whole lot of other things, using copper for all the accents. He did all this work himself. Really interesting. After saying our goodbyes, we rode off in our separate directions. Ray and I stopped at an old gas ... read more
Don and His Ultra Customized Harley Sportster
Under The Fender Kilt
Posing For Holy Pictures

North America » United States » Illinois » Carbondale May 28th 2014

Start: Goreville Ziel: Carbondale Tageskilometer: 44.6 Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 59.4 Gesamtkilometer:1'925.1 Zum Glück sind wir gestern weiter gefahren als vorgesehen und können somit heute etwas länger schlafen da wir nur noch eine kurze Strecke zu fahren haben. Stehen deshalb erst kurz vor 08.00 h auf und gehen dann nochmals in das kleine Kaffee von gestern. Die anderen haben dort schon gefrühstückt und sind am losfahren. Unser Foto mit unserem Namen ist schon unter einem der mit Glas bedeckten Tische. Nachher geht's auf schwach befahrenen Strassen weiter, mal auf und ab. Kommen unter anderem noch am Devil's Kitchen Lake vorbei bevor wir dann in Carbondale eintreffen. Dies ist eine Universitätsstadt mit ca. 25'000 Einwohnern. Da jedoch das Semester bereits vorbei ist, ist mehr als die halbe Bevölkerung weg.../lef... read more
Verewigt unter Glas
Haus am Strassenrand
Etwas holpriger Belag

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