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December 27th 2015
Published: December 27th 2015
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I'm so excited to have the opportunity to travel outside of the country, even if it is to the Frozen North 😱❄️ But with that comes all of the anxieties of traveling.

What to take & what to leave behind? Clean the house from top to bottom or just a quick once-over? At what setting should I leave my thermostat while I'm gone? Do I have all I will need or did I miss some crucial item/detail that will leave me helpless when the situation comes and I'm not prepared but everyone is counting on me to be prepared but I'm not so now everyone is disappointed & we all die?

You know, little stuff like that.

So while I agonize over the pre-travel anxieties I just want to share one piece of friendly advice from my favorite author: "How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparation!"


28th December 2015

I'm happy for you!
Excited to hear where you are going, when you are leaving and who is traveling with you!
28th December 2015

Travel Details
There is a group of 7 of us going from 2 congregations: Tim & Lexie, Caleb & Jenny, Chris, Timothy, & me! Our destination: Kimberley, BC, Canada! I'll be posting a pic of us all - most of whom you will recognize.

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