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Traveling Penguin

North America » United States » New York » New York March 30th 2016

Wednesday is our day to tour and eat lunch at Wallkill and tour Patterson! We had to rent a car and drive about 2 hours to get to Wallkill and then drive another hour to Patterson, and afterwards drive 2 hours to get back to the city. But after all the walking we did Monday and Tuesday it was kind of a nice break! Wallkill is where most of the literature in the world is published. It was awesome to see how it comes together; from the research, to the art, to the actual printing press, and shipping to the congregations. We also were able to eat lunch there thanks to a loving sister who is a friend of my aunt. It was an amazing experience to enjoy a meal with the Bethel Family and see ... read more
Caleb with Caleb & Me with Sophia
Paper Rolls for the Printery

North America » United States » New York » New York » Brooklyn March 29th 2016

Day 2 of our trip started with a tour of Brooklyn Bethel - the (for now) World HQ for Jehovah's Earthly Organization. The brother who was nice enough to take time from his day off to give us a tour was very nice. He showed us his department (house services) as well as around the branch offices. We got to see the different departments involved in, not only the teaching materials used by the Governing Body, but also the use and distribution of the voluntary donations they receive from around the world. After the tour of the offices we got to see 2 different self-guided tours: the history of the Bible and the history of God's people through the last 2 millennia. It was so inspiring to see the way God's Holy Spirit has worked to ... read more
Outside Brooklyn Branch
Selfie with the Globe!
Self-guided Tour

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan March 29th 2016

Since it was raining this morning we decided that, instead of exploring SoHo, we would go to The American Museum of Natural History. After a brief subway ride (during which we did NOT get lost, we just had some trouble finding the right take-off point for a certain line) we arrived and boy was the line long! It stretched almost to the end of the block, and we're talking NYC Avenue block. Fortunately the line moved rather quickly and we were inside in no time. Once inside we made jaunts through several of the main halls (of which there are 45), our favorites being the Marine Life, the Meteorites, The Gems/Minerals, and the Dinosaurs. We were even able to catch a show at the Hayden Planetarium! After this we were of course very hungry, so we ... read more
Adélie Penguin
Blue Whale

North America » United States » New York » New York March 28th 2016

5 hours on an overnight plane got us to JFK! ✈️ After retrieving our bags we were picked up by a car service. 🚗 90 minutes later we arrived at the apartment in which we are staying for the week! A nice little 2-bedroom with a pullout couch-it's also 5 floors up with no elevator. 😩 After a quick nap, showers, and some Starbucks ☕️ We were ready to go! Our original plan for today was to explore Little Italy & Chinatown (both of which are only a block away from our place), but because it's raining we decided we are going to do a museum instead. More to come after the museum trip. Sayonara!... read more
City Parking
Panoramic of the apartment.

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle March 28th 2016

The trip starts with a 5-1/2 hour drive to Seattle. Started out fine, the usual boring drive West. The real adventure came when Google Maps told us to turn off into Nunamaker Road right before Dayton. This turned out to be a 5 mile drive on an unpaved road that took us through a single-lane tunnel but eventually wrapped back around to the state highway. It was a 45-minute short cut. Then it was a beautiful sunny drive until we reached Snowqualmie Pass. According to the driver, "visibility is crap." We stopped and got gas and the snow was falling, so I decided my bladder could wait the extra 50 miles to SeaTac. We made it through TSA without incident and had some food and drinks at the Africa Lounge. With 2-1/2 hours to kill we ... read more

North America » United States » Idaho January 2nd 2016

Well it was a bone-chilling, nose-hair-freezing -3 degrees when we left the condo at 10:30 this morning. We made breakfast out of whatever groceries we had yet to consume since we had no way to pack home anything refrigerated. After we started the dryer and the dishwasher we were all ready to head out. We needed gas but decided to wait since te conversion rate made gas about $7/gal. We did go back to the Platzl and get some goods from the bakery, which was totally worth it! Two hours later we crossed the border. The border guard was funny...he asked one of the cars if they were carrying any thermonuclear warheads. We stopped in Bonners Ferry to exchange what was left of our currency and the rare had gone down from 75% to 69%. After ... read more
Picture of the Sun
Pretty Mountains
More Mountains

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kimberley January 1st 2016

Day 5-The final full day of our vacation & the last chance to have a go at the mountain. Today all of the boys decided to go to the mountain, even the one who doesn't board or ski. I guess hanging at the lodge alone sounded better than being with 3 girls all day? So we girls had another lazy morning, but eventually decided to get dressed and head to town since it would be our last chance to shop and get goods from the bakery! The only problem: it's New Year's Day! Almost everything in town was closed...only 2 shops were open plus the drug mart and a few cafes. Even the grocery store was closed! We laughed at our obliviousness and decided to go check out the shops at the ski lodge. It would ... read more
The Main Run
All The Crazy People
The Group In Their Canada-Winter-Ready Attire

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kimberley December 31st 2015

Day 4 was a relaxing/lazy day for those who don't play in the snow. Half of our party went to the mountain and the rest of us didn't even get out of PJs until we absolutely had to! The 4 of us were perfectly content to lounge about on the sofas doing our own thing: reading, knitting, playing on an electronic device, etc. We just hung out until the rest of the boys returned. Once they were showered and hungry, we realized too late that it was New Year's Eve and that almost every restaurant that was open was booked! The only place we could get in was a Chinese place. Two of our local brothers met us there to make a party of 14...and boy were we sorry! The reason why we could get in ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kimberley December 30th 2015

Day 2 was quite a long day but a great one! It was full of fun, friends, and excellent reminders to be thankful to Jehovah for His beautiful creations. 🌈 We started off with everyone staying at the condo (a day of rest for the skiers and snowboarders). So we me breakfast, ate together, and spent the morning talking, playing games, and just generally enjoying each other's company. Once we got a little stir-crazy, we ventured into town (taking 2 cars) and the other half of the party was able to see the cute little town of Kimberley. We showed them the bakery and the cute shops, and we drove to the next town over to explore the Marysville Falls. The "big falls" were about a 5-min trek downhill and were mostly frozen over, but were ... read more
From the Top of the Walk
First Frozen Falls
The "Big Falls"

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kimberley December 29th 2015

After a relaxing afternoon (thanks to the private hot tub!) we got dressed for meeting and went to the ski lodge restaurant. It was great food and afterwards we drove about 6km to Marysville to go to meeting. It was very encouraging to meet the brothers and sisters here. Everyone is so friendly and warm-hearted...exactly what you would expect from our fellow Christians. It was a good-sized congregation with a nice variety of publishers. It was funny to be surrounded by the "Canadian accent" but it was difficult for me not to adopt it while commenting (to which those of you who knew me during my Harry Potter phase can attest). Coming back to a warm condo with a fireplace & a view was the icing on the cake. Goodnight from Kimberley BC!... read more

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