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June 3rd 2006
Published: June 3rd 2006
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Actually a picture from another trip to Hawaii...don't have a camera now :-(
"(I am) happy with that inordinate happiness that comes of exhaustion and achievement, and with which nothing else in life - no joy of either body or the mind - is even able to be compared"
- George Orwell, Burmese Days

So after…

...I am back in Hawaii.

And for the first time in my life, I have to say that there is nowhere I’d rather be then the USA.

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5th June 2006

Say Hi....
Say hi to Barry and Rachael for me! And take a picture of Rachel's tummy.
5th June 2006

back in the USA
It's a great country, isn't it? Even with all of our problems the level of tolerance, and freedom is just staggering (especially to the many people you had spent time with in many of those countries). Welcome home!
7th June 2006

a beautiful end to a beautiful journey. as i read this last blog my passport is setting next to me....despite all the bullshit that i (we?) complain and protest in american culture and politics there is always an overwelming feeling of familiarity and comfort in seeing holding onto an american passport. welcome home...
8th June 2006

Welcome Home.
Enjoy the journey home. And enjoy life as a journey. Loved the blogs. Are you sure writing isn't your calling?
9th June 2006

Gr8 blogs :)
once you get back into your day to day routine you'll be itching to travel again soon i bet! Lifes too short :)
14th June 2006

I'll be in hawaii at the end of this month, for my highschool reunion. Will you still be there? Probably not, it doesn't seem like you spend more than a few weeks anywhere. Anyway, your dad came by the other day...he misses you, it's cute. Hopefully I'll see you one of these days. Take care!

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