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February 19th 2015
Published: February 19th 2015
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Not everything I read sticks with me; though as an English major, I really wish that I had a photographic memory. However, the gist of James Michener’s first chapter of Hawaii – “From the Boundless Deep” stuck with me for years. It is a dramatic narrative of how the islands were born, and it is definitely worth the read. Michener’s sweeping epic style is dramatic, but after having stayed in Hawaii for a week, I see that Hawaii warrants such a style.

I came to Hawaii not quite believing that it could live up to its reputation, but it has for me and more. Except for in high school, I haven’t really thought of myself as a fun-in-the sun sort of person. If there was a climate to express how I saw myself, it would be the climate of Vermont where the winters are severe, the autumn lingers, and spring is the mudding season. In Hawaii, I found a new connotation of “blue” for me—not only “blue” meaning sad, but the glorious blue of the Pacific only Hawaii can elucidate. I have found a “happy place” to which I can retreat in my mind when things become difficult. This seems cliché because Hawaii is so many people’s happy place, but at least now I understand the hoopla in an individual way.

On a lighter note, Deke and I found out from a reliable source that besides frazzled brides, there are some celebrities here who will call at 4:00 a.m. in the morning for an “emergency spray tan.” More people face the camera with fake tans than one would ever imagine. This does make me feel better. As I age and watch my skin tone become more and more uneven, it’s good to know that the beautiful people need help as well.

Speaking of the beautiful people, my sister, “Kara,” and my brother-in-law, “Pete” have a gorgeous photo on their Facebook page of them in California with the sunset blazing behind them—Kara’s hair flowing and aflame, and Pete’s muscular frame well-defined. I would love to provide a photo of Deke and me like that from Hawaii, but we’re getting older, and we need really good lighting to get the same effect. We decided not to try too hard for the perfect shot; it just made our stay easier.

We spent our last evening in Hawaii at Michel’s—a beautiful restaurant in Honolulu right on the Pacific. The seafood was nicely spiced, and the pineapple panna cotta was to die for.

Tomorrow morning, we fly back to Salt Lake. I will take with me some happy memories, and glorious vistas which will cheer me.



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19th February 2015

It must be hard to go home from paradise...
your too short vacation was inspirational as we are going to the Big Island in October. I'll have to remember to go to the beach at sunrise which is very difficult as I'm not a morning person. Perhaps some jet lag will help.
20th February 2015

Back Home
Hello Bob, Thanks for the comments; we arrived in Salt Lake City last night around midnight. It was difficult to come home early, but what a treasure trove of memories we brought with us! Have a wonderful time on the Big Island in October. Best, Monique

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