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February 18th 2015
Published: February 18th 2015
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Upon awakening, I went to my beloved veranda before dawn. This time, there was more staff than usual buzzing about. I found out from one of the employees that their work was under inspection today. I think that sometimes we forget that our vacationing comfort is due to other people’s hard work. The sunrise was magnificent. Even though I got some good shots, I don’t think that I managed to capture the shot that encapsulated the glory of the experience. I suppose that I am turning into a true shutterbug like my mother, “Mama S.” I used to get frustrated with Mama S because she was always behind the camera, always trying to get us to pose for her shots, but now it looks like I am this way.

I have really wanted to go snorkeling, and as I have mentioned before, parasailing is on my bucket list. Deke doesn’t want to go, and doesn’t want me to go either. Upon first glance it could appear that Deke is simply being controlling, but it is more complicated than that; when Deke was only twenty-four years old, his wife died. When she passed, it was a bit of a fluke, and totally unexpected. It affected Deke deeply, and what others see as a remote chance of harm, Deke sees as a real possibility. I have learned that if you are the one of the unlucky ones in the realm of chance, bad luck appears more likely. Deke told me that part of the reason he married a younger woman (me), was to stack the odds in his favor; he doesn’t want to bury another spouse. He told me that I can go parasailing or snorkeling to my heart’s content after he is gone. I am encouraged that Mama S went snorkeling for the first time in her senior years. Perhaps I can do the same.

For being a good sport about going home early, not parasailing, and not snorkeling, Deke said he wanted to do something for me, and gave me X amount of dollars to spend at the Ala Moana Mall. The Kahala provided a shuttle to the mall, and of the twenty people or so who boarded the shuttle, only two of us were Caucasian; the rest were Asian. Though I’ve always had a bias toward Asians, I like them even more since I have been here. I find them a delight.

The Ala Moana Mall is the largest outdoor mall in the world, and has everything from mainstream shops to designer boutiques. I headed to the designer shops because we don’t have all of them in Salt Lake City where I live. Chanel is always a delight, but almost all of their dresses and skirts are a little bit short. As I age, I have grown particular about my skirt and dress length, and I favor it below the knee, though the lovely sales woman at Chanel told me that I would like just fine in their clothing (thanks for the flattery). Though Deke was generous with X amount of dollars, when one goes to designer boutiques, X amount of dollars doesn't seem so much anymore. It was never more apparent than at Salvatore Ferragamo. When Deke and I went to Italy a couple of years ago, we stayed at Il Borro in Tuscany owned by the Ferragamos. Additionally, when we were in Florence, I went to the Ferragamo boutique and also an exhibition of some Ferragamo shoes designed for famous women. The shoes were so beautiful that they actually made me misty-eyed. The Ferragamo scarves were also especially enchanting; however, I ended up buying a beautiful silk scarf at a street fair in Florence for a lot less money, and which appeared to be designer, although my nostalgia for Ferragamo has never left me completely.

When I walked into Ferragamo, I was greeted by a charming Japanese sales woman who treated me like a queen. I fell in love with laser-cut pink shoes and a matching purse. They were to die for. I couldn't believe how I fell in love with objects, but they almost seemed to breathe. However, they were triple the price of Deke’s designated X amount of dollars. In spite of myself, I asked Deke if I could get these items. I would display you a photo of them on the blog, but it simply wouldn't do them justice. I asked Deke if I could get the shoes and purse because my financial resources outside of Deke are a bit precarious right now. Deke said no, and also said that Mama S would be aghast—me asking for triple the amount offered. I felt bad. Isn't it strange how things and prices become relative to our environment? I ended up buying a beaded dress purse, which was beautiful, but Deke said I spent too much for it though it was slightly under Deke’s limit.

I walked a mini-walk of shame to the tiki cabana, and greeted Deke upon my arrival. All was almost well because I apologized. I put on my swimming suit, and waded in the Pacific; hopefully the sea washed away some of my greed.

I have been fighting off a cold, and it seemed to worsen in the tiki cabana. Deke and I returned the room, and I crawled into bed. Sweet Deke administered some medicines. I fell into a deep sleep as soon as I stopped coughing. This seems to happen to me when I travel a long distance—I pick up some sort of ailment or another. I fell asleep grateful for my husband, but dreaming just a little bit about Ferragamo shoes . . .

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18th February 2015

The glory of the experience
There are days when it is difficult to to capture that perfect sunrise but these are grand. I can't tell from the blog if you actually enjoyed your shopping trip with all the varying emotions. Maybe you should forget Ferrragamo and just buy a new camera. I'm sure it would be more reasonable. :)
19th February 2015

The Glory of the Experience
My husband is in agreement, Dave!

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