Maui, Hawaii 09th November 2007

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December 2nd 2007
Published: December 2nd 2007
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Maui, Hawaii 09th November 2007

Last day (very sad)

Once again feeling a bit ropey. However totally justified as it was my last night at the banana bungalow.

Today doing a 5km hike in the Iao Valley again, this time with Gary. Think this is Garys last day as a tour guide as hes off travelling to Czech Republic. Only 5km but it was a hard steep 5km and it was very warm and humid. Like the last time we were in the valley, called off a t the fresah water stream to have a dip & freshen up. Found a little waterfall with quite a stong current and placed myself right under it. chilled out and took it all in.

Got back to the banana bungalow and as promised went up to Chucks and said goodbye to him and exchanged email addresses. Had 1 last tacho, or 2 maybe!

Finished packing and then went in hottub for last time - only a few hours before i need to go.

Went round and made the effort to find and chat to and say goodbye to all the relevant people, making sure i had everyones
Iao Valley MauiIao Valley MauiIao Valley Maui

Rob, kat and Alex slacking off
email addresses.

Think it was 6.30 when i was been taken to airport. 6.15 i got the call. Just had to go around 1 more time to give everyone last quick hug, kiss, shake hands to the many totally wicked people i met there. My head was up my arse and i totally forgot my bag and had to go back. It was so depressing leaving this place and everyone id made good friends with. Why should i be sad? i dont get it! im off to fiji! but i was........ I wanted to stay for weeks, months!

Got to airport in Maui for my internal flight and got talking to a couple a the bar who had just finished their honeymoon and also a guy who was there on business but often goes to England with work. (i was there drowning my sorrows). They were really nice cool people and i told them all about my travels and times in Maui.

At the airport in Maui there was a hawaiin girl and a hawwaii'n guy leaving. What i assume was there family or friends (3 huge hawaii'n blokes) were there to say good bye and wave them off. These 3 guys started singing this hawaii'n song ( i guess it was a fairwell song). It was so nice, sung so good and was amazing to see and be part of. The hawaii'n girl was crying and even people in the que going through passport control were crying. When the song finished everyone in the que, including me cheered and clapped. I cant imagine a send off like that in Manchester or anywhere in the uk. Come to think of it why didnt I have a send off like that????

Got on plane and fell asleep for the whole 30min journey. Woke as we landed. Got to honolulu and checked in and fell asleep agian in the lounge whilst waiting (very tired). Boraded plance and guess what - virtually fell asleep all the way to fiji (nearly 7 hours). Lost a day going to fiji as went over the time line. Landed in Nadi Fiji 5am.

Summary of Maui

Amazing does not come close. Im still looking for the word that defines the time and experiences i had in Maui. Everything was so so good. The hostel, the people and staff at Banana Bungalow, the atmosphere in the hostel, the tours, the the tour guides, the people i met & friends i made, the night festivities, all the laughs, and the island was simply gorgeous and in many ways, (the volcano, the beaches, the rain forests.) Will remember Maui, the good times i had, and lastly the near death experience for ever and ever!


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