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January 24th 2020
Published: March 1st 2020
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Kapalua Coastal TrailKapalua Coastal TrailKapalua Coastal Trail

A great way to start our Hawaiian adventure.The rest of the pictures are in no particular order.
We were very happy that our trip hadn't been delayed any longer as on our first morning in Maui the resort put on a breakfast out on the main patio. Lots of fruit, cornbread, muffins, cinnamon buns and great fun. The resort manager is a native Hawaiian and he gave a great talk on reverence for the sea and some of the local customs.

He also gave a great presentation on how to process a coconut into coconut milk. He also demonstrated how to turn the husks into rope by holding one end in his toes and braiding the strands. Fascinating.

Because they go to Maui regularly, Barb and Bob have developed a series of regular walks. This made it very easy to see the sights of Napili. It's a beautiful area north of the resort area of Kaanapali (more on that later).

Sunday, we took a bus into Lahaina to go to church. Mass was at 10:30 and the bus arrived at exactly 10:30. The bus drove past the church and we saw the priest standing outside getting ready to start the service. But the bus had to stop at the regular stop, which happened to be
Maria Lanakila ChurchMaria Lanakila ChurchMaria Lanakila Church

A very vibrant, upbeat service.
the end of the line, about three blocks past the church. We were getting ready to leg it back to the church when we realized three other couples were on the same mission. One chap commented that he thought the bus driver liked watching them run for the service. We think the priest knew the situation because he had just started walking up the aisle when we got there. The church was packed. Not sure if it was a special day but the singing was great, and it was a joyful service to be part of.

The rest of the day involved strolling around the waterfront, visiting the Banyan tree, the cemetery beside the church, and the museum in the old courthouse (not to mention stopping for coffee).

Monday, the four of us took a day trip to Wailuku, the old town near Kahului where the airport is located. It is also where the nearest hospital is (key the foreshadowing music). After the usual stop for coffee, we wandered around town until we found the Bailey House museum. Lots of photographs and artifacts. The most interesting aspect was a half hour video on how Hawaii became part of
Banyan TreeBanyan TreeBanyan Tree

Doesn't seem to be much different from what we saw 26 years ago. Not surprising since it was planted in 1873 and now has rooted into 16 trunks. Very nice place in visit in really hot weather.
the U.S. It is supposed to be the only video of its kind produced by native Hawaiians. It painted quite a different picture than presented by most other sources.

By this time, we were getting a bit hungry and we stumbled by The Empanadas Lady. We weren't sure what we were getting into but it was well worth it. It was cafeteria style but the choices were incredible and the food delicious. The lady who served us was from the Dominican Republic. She also prepared all the dishes and designed the layout of the restaurant. A great experience that we almost missed.

The Iao valley is in the mountains near Wailuku. Well groomed trails let you stroll up to the Iao Needle, a 1,000 foot rock lookout tower. There are all kinds of signs telling how it was used to watch out for neighbouring tribes coming to attack the locals. You can go up to the top but we chose not to.

Tuesday, Bob had a golf date so Barb, Dianne and I bussed back to Lahaina to hit the attractions Dianne and I had missed on Sunday. I started to feel a bit funny. It was
Typical sceneTypical sceneTypical scene

You see a lot of this while walking the trail.
like my fall in 2015 was coming back to haunt me. My left hip was seriously sore. It was sore enough that I decided to skip the Wednesday event which included a nice walk in a different area of Napili with other friends of Barb and Bob. Dianne said she knew I must not be well because the trip included stopping for drinks and snacks at a nice restaurant near our resort.

One of the routines on Maui was to go down to the beach in the evening to watch the sun go down. It wasn’t always spectacular but one night it was fantastic. And it was helped by the presence of a very large turtle who was munching seaweed off the rocks near the shore. I wasn’t watching where I was going and almost stepped on him (her?). Fascinating creatures to watch. Dianne saw smaller ones on a different trip to the beach.

Thursday, Barb and Bob had a golf date, so we bussed into Kaanapali. This high- end resort area has lots of shops and a beautiful beach area, but also too many tourists. Yes, I know we were two of them. We walked down the
Why did the chicken cross the road?Why did the chicken cross the road?Why did the chicken cross the road?

This mother and chicks did it to get to one of the malls in Lahaina.
beach trail for what seemed to me to be forever (my hip/leg was still sore) then walked back on the beach itself. It was indeed a beautiful day for a walk. It is always fun to watch the kids playing in the sand and here we also had surfers of all ages having a good time. The waves aren’t huge but that makes it better for the newbies. They are as much fun to watch as the pros.

Rather than head home, we decided to bus to Lahaina as there was a thrift shop I wanted to check out in case they had a power cord I could buy. They didn’t but they had a Hawaiian shift for $7.00 where they usually listed as $40-60 in the stores. We also got to have lunch at the Sunrise Café, a little place Barb had recommended. The All-Day Breakfast we had at about 1:30 pm was great. Warning: cash only. We bussed back to Napili Place where we bought groceries and then walked home (about a 15 minute walk). By this time, I was really in bad shape.

I found the best thing to do was lie on my back
Mail BoxMail BoxMail Box

We encountered this unique mail box on our stroll around Lahaina. You can only imagine what happens when you push the button on the bottom.
on the floor in our room. This worked well until the housekeepers came in. I have seen many shows on TV such as Midsomer Murders where people walk into a room and find a dead body lying there. I can only imagine how they felt.

We had booked tickets for a whale watching trip on Friday but I couldn’t handle that, so I got to stay home while the others went off. From Dianne: While Peter spent the day lying around in bed and on the floor, Barb, Bob and I drove into Lahaina for our whale watching trip with the Pacific Whale Foundation. It was an amazing trip as we saw many humpback whales, both adult and young, without the distraction of numerous whale watching boats. The whales were so active. At one point, they lowered a hydrophone into the water; the sounds made by the whales were incredible. On the way back to shore, we saw a calf that was practising non-stop breaching; such fun to observe. We rounded off the trip with a stop for coffees followed by ocean and pool swims for Barb and me.

When Barb and Dianne got back from their afternoon
The Kissin' BoothThe Kissin' BoothThe Kissin' Booth

Part of the fun at The Empanadas Lady restaurant. We took advantage of the location.
swim after the whale watching, we decided it was time to get some professional help for me as I was in extreme pain. Off to the Maui Emergency Room at the hospital we had seen a few days before. Gotta love hospital waiting rooms.

So what could be causing this pain? ToBeContinued

Additional photos below
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The Kiddie PoolThe Kiddie Pool
The Kiddie Pool

This beach was at the far end of the beaches from our resort. At our end, the water had quite a drop off but at that end it was much shallower and good for kids.
Breakfast friendsBreakfast friends
Breakfast friends

We took our breakfast down to the tables overlooking the beach. These two birds sat on branches outside their nest, a hole in the tree, the whole time we were there.
More coastlineMore coastline
More coastline

Never get tired of watching the waves come in.
Kapalua Trail MapKapalua Trail Map
Kapalua Trail Map

Lots of places to stroll.
Heads up!Heads up!
Heads up!

Part of the first mornings' briefing was a warning about walking around coconut trees when the wind is blowing. A bonk on the head from these beauties could hurt!
Evening strollEvening stroll
Evening stroll

Lots of interesting variations as the light changes toward sundown.
Weather forecasting toolWeather forecasting tool
Weather forecasting tool

A bit of Hawaiian humour.
Love the colour of the wavesLove the colour of the waves
Love the colour of the waves

When the big waves comes in, there are many beautiful colour changes in the water.
Pool RulesPool Rules
Pool Rules

We particularly liked the third bullet.
Iao NeedleIao Needle
Iao Needle

The 1,000 foot lookout tower. Looking back, I wish I had taken the time to climb to the top.

Dianne and Peter enjoying the evening.
Surfs up!Surfs up!
Surfs up!

Not huge waves but great for the beginners
Whale of a timeWhale of a time
Whale of a time

Dianne getting ready to go whale watching.
Munch timeMunch time
Munch time

I almost stepped on this turtle who was grazing on the rocks.
Hello to you, tooHello to you, too
Hello to you, too

I don't think (s)he was telling me to watch where I was walking.
How I spent my summer vacationHow I spent my summer vacation
How I spent my summer vacation

The chair came in very handy. Even an ipad Mini gets heavy when you have to hold it over your head while recovering on the floor. Note my "new" Hawaiian shirt!
Angel of mercyAngel of mercy
Angel of mercy

Dianne took great care of me during my hour of need

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