Published: June 24th 2017
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Jeanne and I checked into this Vacation Rental by Owner condo in Waikoloa Villas. Really nice place, much nicer than a hotel. We each have our own bedroom and bath, a lanai, kitchen, dining room and living room. There are three tv's here, figured out how to work the two remotes in the living room this morning, but now I am in my room because could not figure out which way to Make them work again. Yesterday we went to the Queen's Marketplace which is about two blocks away, checking out all the shops. Then we came back to the condo, changed into our suits and headed to the pool. There are two of them here. Really beautiful pools, but it amazes me that on an island that is the result of thousands and thousands of years of violent volcanic eruptions, is covered with old lava over huge sections of land and it is lying around everywhere, that a resort builds a pool out of fake lava. I mean really, I understand that lava is rough and sharp, but why make rocks to surround a pool out of black colored lava shaped concrete. The pools already are posted with no climbing and diving signs, so wouldn't it be cheaper and more reasonable to use the real stuff at least around the outside of the pool, even if they used smooth form black concrete for the bottom and stairs. Has been a long time since I have been in a salt water pool. Salt water pools are so much better for the skin and for bathing suits. My skin feels so soft and silky after being in the pool. Last night we met Larry for dinner at Roy's restaurant. Jeanne and Larry know the owner and he sent out two sets of free appetizers. By the time I ate them I could not eat a real dinner, so ate a great salad and finished up with a macadamia tart with vanilla ice cream. Reminded me of a pecan pie. Jeanne and I had walked over from the condo and by the time we were finished we knew we needed to walk back for the exercise. Larry was heading out this morning for more fishing. Jeanne headed back to town for her pre-competition prep. I walked to A-bay this morning and swam in the ocean. Came back, grabbing an Orange Julius and then went back to the pool. When Jeanne got back went back to the pool. Now we are relaxing before dinner. Tommorw getting ready for the big day. Until later, Aloha!


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