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May 2nd 2010
Published: May 2nd 2010
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So, i live in savannah now. we rolled in here yesterday and im never leaving. but im getting ahead of myself.

we rolled out of charlestown saterday morning, about 11 ish. the previous evening i place 5th in the charlseton kareoke competion. really. i lead off with some king of rock n roll. we were just at the place for a drink but you all know that i will sing or dance at the drop of a hat. this contest allowed me to do both. all the other contestants we like american idol wannabes. to be fair, the could all sing well. the choose their songs carefully. me i flipped open the book and picked the first song i knew. hound dog. anybody can sing hounddog, right? but how many can do it in a fur coat?

i bounced on stage, already quite toasted, and really got the crowd going. i was straight joe namath up in there. dancing singing(most of the words) and generally being foolish, and the crowd eat it up. everybody likes watching a train wreck. after they voted and only took off some points for not singing all the words, i was in the finals. go figure. my points from the crowd pleasing carried me through.

anyway, i dont think ill be trying out for the tv shows just yet. we had a really great time in charlseton. goose put up with us, his friends seem entertained by us. all in all a good time. we headed out with the intention of going camping, but the campground turned out to be full. so we push on to savannah.

the moment we crossed the border into georgia, the vibes improved. the ladies at the welcome center were very friendly, and even provided us with "geogria welcomes the world" pins. so on to savannah we went. we spoke with a couch surfer, james, and he told us to come by in the evening. so we slid the missile into the welcome center and walked around town. just walking the streets makes you want to live here. the giant oak trees dripping with spanish moss. the city layout provides tons of squares and parks. the buildings are amazing. and everywhere you look, is something colorful to look at.

but the real beauty here are the people. james led us to his house. and out we wen to the town. he took us to a derby party. had a few drinks. oh yeah, you can drink on the streets as long as its in a to-go cup. awesome! so we wander on to another of his friends houses and had a few more drinks. then we can home and played bananagrams. if you know what the game is awesome. if you dont, to bad. its wicked fun.

so around 4 or so we retired for the evening. today, sunday, no stores can sell beer. god damb bible belt. so james and i went and helped his friend with his house. stripping paint. it was hot and messy, but we had fun with it. made 30 bucks. beer money. for today the lords day i must go to a bar to drink. and pray. pray they come to their senses before i move here to remove such a unconstitutional law as to dictate the whens hows and wheres of my alchol consumption. One store i went in had a sign, "we do not accept gold dollars" to which jeremiah inquired why? the answer, " cause it dont say In God We Trust on em'" yeah im in the south!

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