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May 7th 2010
Published: May 17th 2010
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So were still in savannah. james, our host tells people he is looking into christmas stockings for us. often do we feast, and often do we drink. its a fly town. you cant come here and not just want to relax. its hot. hot as hell in fact, and its not even summer yet. but its heaven if your into taking it slow. one day at a time.(no references implied)

today we built a giant bananagrams game. the pieces a 1 foot big and there are 144 of them. were going tomorrow to play in the park.

well we played the giant bananagram game, a.k.a. savannahgrams, and its a hell of alot more physical than you think. lots of running, thinking, then more running. but we had a blast with it. today is monday and we are planning on heading out tomorrow. we might try punching it straight through to tallahasse, or stop somewhere in between. who can every really tell with us. if the truck starts to run hot we just pull over and take a break.

i finished fixing the power steering finally. it should stop making that intolerable noise, hopefully. still havent replaced the water pump, and i still have no intention to do so. ive recieved a few conflicting opinions on thje matter, but the straight truth is that im just to plainm lazy to do it until i have to. im vigilant about all of the fluids, and i keep one eye on the temp gauge while we're driving, so im thinking we'll be alright... for now.

our time in savannah has been interesting. our host james and his kids are sad to see us go, but we all know its time. ive rebroken my big toe again. just like l;ast time doing something stupid. its fine now, still alittle swollen, but im on top of it. made plenty of new friends here. confused the locals something aweful with our hi-5 mondays held on saterdays. this is a pretty special town.

a few days ago we traveled off to this place called the hostel in the forest. kind of a super hippy spot an hour south of savannah. vegan meals, hand holding circles to express what were thankful for, and what pass's for green behavior down here. however, the lake was awesome. clothing optional, woo-hoo! had a great time swimming naked. the my nmew pal douglas and i felt compelled to start a fire as the indiands would have so we procured the nessisary materials to make a bow drill. its like a bow and arrow, you wrap a stick in the bow, pull it back and forth to make friction, and after 5 minutes or so whaalaa! fire. we have video of it ill try to put up soon.

more news. my computer seems to have finally bit it. i caught one of those viruses that says you have viruses. me with my limited techno savey, i was unable to devine a means by with which to rid myself of the demon. hopefully some one i meet along the way soon will be able to assist in my endevour. for now im just using jodans.

otherwise, things are good. the budget has taken a few knocks here and there but we are still doing alright. vibes are good. spirits high. and the road is a head.

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