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Published: April 26th 2010
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made it to charleston, aka chucktown, and things are as alright as ever. met up with germs(jeremiah, aka joDan) friend goose, aka chris. before he got off work we cruised down downtown and boy, did we see some jabbys down there. charlseton college was just letting out and the ladies were everywhere. germ was hung out the window hollaring at any thing that moved, and i was doing my best to keep at least one eye on the road. after we damb near hit a parked car, i paid a bit more attention.

so after a bit of a cruise, we met goose up a the place of his residence. thus why i am blogging, due to his kind offer of wifi use. wifi. how many of you take for granted the fact that everyone knows what wifi is? well down here in south cack-a-lacki not too many people are familar with the term. weve had the first of what im sure will be many cultural hurdles down here.

first off, we made it from wilmington to pedro's south of the border truck stop yesterday. not a soul there knew what the hell wifi was, and how exactly do you explain wifi. i mean if they dont comprende wifi they sure as shit wont know wireless fidelety. think about it. explain wifi to your dumbest friend and get back to me... i might need some insight.

so we decide to just ask for internet, thinking it might make things go smoother. between the acsents and just general ignorance we were still having some trouble. But we finally sorted out that the siver slipper ARCADE, would have it. So we wander through a few more shops on our way to the silver slipper. it was the last building headed back north, with a big ass sign pointing it out. that might have been a clue. we go to walk in, but the doors are locked. the doors are locked to what is supposed to be an OPEN internet cafe. this should aslo have been a clue. the girl inside opens the door for us and we are hit with a waft of cigarette smoke. clue number three. upon looking around, its a narrow building with a bunch of computer screens, all of which are asking you to"slide a card" and we are just perplexed. we walk through the narrow room, and everyone is giving us "the eye". at first we figured it was because we were yankees and they could just smell it or something. but as we moved further through its narrow aisles it became clear that there wasnt any real internet here, forget wifi. it was a online gambling establishment. the damb door was locked when we tried to leave as well. after exiting we saw a north carolina state line sign. the building was just north of the border. so... no wifi or anything for that matter.

besides the backdoor gambling and what must of been a hookers hotel, perdro's south of the border is really cool. lots of good pictures. descent hotdogs. truck stop is a bit noisey, but we made due.

all in all, things are great. the missile is doing well. the beer is flowing, and the jabbys are hollaring at me as we speak...


27th April 2010

ok, a bit of culture shock ehh??
Your adventure never seizes to amaze me. I know very few people who could take simple excursions and expound on details! Can't wait to see what the next town brings. Trudy

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