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North America » United States » Georgia » Jekyll Island January 7th 2017

Photos these are a few misc photos The most impressive was the Turtle Rehabilitation Center... read more
Looking south
Tall grass
Prehistoric Turtle bones from Wyoming

North America » United States » Georgia » Jekyll Island December 31st 2016

Weather great Our Campground was about 10 miles from town and was passable. The one on the island was very crowded and over used. The first day we walked the beach. In the PM we visited he Turtle rehab center, then walked around millionaires row, finally we took the last tram tour of the day. The "cottages" were opulent. They have a bike trail that circles the island 18 miles long we only did part of it.... read more
there porch

North America » United States » Georgia » Jekyll Island January 7th 2015

Jekyll Island Trail, Georgia Number of times I have biked this trail: we spend 3-4 weeks each year Location: Jekyll Island, Georgia Distance: 28 km Distance markers: no Surface: asphalt with some concrete Width: 2-5 metres! Grade: Flat Conditions of trail: Mostly good Parking: lots Water: yes Washrooms: many Garbage containers: yes Rest Areas: benches and tables Trail marking: yes If you are a casual biker you will love Jekyll Island. If you like to stop often and explore and take photos you will love Jekyll Island. We have visited 3 years. Located in Georgia's southeast coast across from the city of Brunswick, the island has been settled for hundreds of years and at one time was home to some very wealthy Americans representing 1/6 of the worl... read more
Jekyll Island, Georgia  (4)
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Jekyll Island, Georgia  (3)

The early days of aviation have always had a special place in my heart. Orville and Wilbur Wright, Charles Lindbergh, and Amelia Earhart are all names that evoke images of adventure and glamour in my mind. They and other aviation pioneers pushed the bounds of what was considered possible and, with the help of their amazing flying machines, ushered in a new age. The planes of the era were simple machines that defied all of the rules that had kept humanity on the ground. I have always loved the graceful lines and the throaty rumble of the early planes and I have always wanted to soar through the sky in an open cockpit plane. It was my love of the old planes and our insatiable sense of adventure that forced us off of the bike path. ... read more
Flying Over the Salt Marsh 15
Sunset Over the Marsh 1
The Aviators

North America » United States » Georgia » Jekyll Island November 14th 2012

Karen retired after 9 years at the Baraboo library on Nov 2nd. Wayne had been semi -retired for the past 4 yehars and fully retired the last 10 months. Our Baraboo home was sold to son Eric and daughter-in-law Pam last July. We purchased a 5th wheel travel trailer and have been camping out in their back yard since then. We are planning on spending about the next 6 months traveling and living in our 5th wheel trailer. Our only firm plans are to go where it is warm and be in Arizona in February since we have plane reservations to fly from Phoenix to San Jose, Costa Rica on February 28th. We will try to update this travel blog once a week while we are traveling. We left home on Monday, November 5th. We had ... read more
A Walk in the Tennessee Woods
November Color in Tennessee
Savannah Home

North America » United States » Georgia » Jekyll Island October 27th 2010

Our stop at Jekyll Island was unplanned. We had a little extra time before our reservation at Fort Desoto County Campground in the Tampa Bay area, took a look at the map, did a search for camping on Jekyll Island and headed toward the ocean. Lucky find for us! Blackbeard (the fierce pirate Edward Teach) is said to have buried his swag here and later it was a clubby winter retreat for JP Morgan and his pals, the Firestones until 1942. These guys knew their real estate. Tropical & beautiful! Jekyll is the smallest of Georgia's "Golden Isles." Its size makes it easy to cover on a loop road dotted with historic interpretive signage, we have to go back another time and take the time to absorb it well. We bought a self -conducted guided tour ... read more
Jekyll Island Club
Wes & Joanne Jekyll Island
Low Country Boil & Oysters on the Half Shell

North America » United States » Georgia » Jekyll Island June 22nd 2010

You haven't heard much from us lately so this is a quick hello. Besides, it's summer at home in Ontario and you've probably got better things to do than stay indoors and read blogs about people wearing 70 UV sunscreen, white jackets and really big hats at the beach. : ) We reached another one of those places, Cumberland Island, where even the Verizon air card just wants to give a very weak signal to the outside world. Before that I made the fatal error of writing a whole blog without a title...gone. You will have to wait to hear us raving about Fernandina Beach, the great bicycle and scuba stores, and about losing the dinghy in a storm. A few days ago we moved on to Jekyll Island, where there's lots of exploring to do. ... read more
Shadow Duck
Cumberland Walking Trails
Cumberland Beach Fans

A few hours from St Augustine we crossed the state border into Georgia. Our destination was Jekyll Island. Why? Well, just because we liked the name! Looking at the price of hotels on the island, we decided to stay in a motel on the outskirts of Brunswick. Now, Brunswick is nothing much to write home about. It hardly even got a mention in our guide book! Still, we had a good wander around the historic town centre where we saw lots of nice architecture. The library was very informative and taught us a lot about the history of the place. During World War II 99 "liberty ships" were built there. These ships eased the blockade on starving Europe and played a major part in the Allied victory. Sadly the town felt a little run down but ... read more
Dawn tells us about the marsh
Oyster beds
Wood storks on thermals

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